Top 5 Best GearVR Cinema Apps
Grab your popcorn, a large can of soda, and strap yourself in for an awesome trip to the big screen, where all the seats in the arena are yours to claim!
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Top 6 Best GearVR Cinema Apps To Try in 20205 min read

GearVR Cinema Apps – that’s right, you heard me!

Nick Rasmussen

Virtual Reality headsets are here, and it’s time for us to take a look at the best GearVR Cinema Apps available out there for you avid theatre aficionados! Alright, you have acquired yourself that awesome piece of virtual technology that everyone and their grandmother has been talking about for the last year’s time. You have downloaded the plethora of apps currently available in the vast (but let’s face it, at times confusing) app store, and have really enjoyed the ride so far, but now it’s time to step away from experimental 360° videos, half-way-decent games and experiences, and actually try watching a movie on the big screen wearing your brand-new Samsung GearVR.

This may seem like a silly thing to do, but thanks to the many talented developers currently working hard on making virtual reality a big thing – we now have virtual reality cinemas in which you get to experience that traditional ‘night out at the movies’ feeling. Strap in your Samsung GearVR and let’s do this:


Pigasus VR - Cinema, VR Today Magazine

6. Pigasus Streaming Theater


First up on today’s list of GearVR Cinema Apps is the Pigasus Streaming Theater. Pigasus has an awesome cinematic feel to it, and while not quite at the level of some of our other virtual reality cinema apps today, is a fairly decent choice for those of you who want to replicate the feel of a night out that includes a quick trip to the cinema. What’s particularly cool about Pigasus for Samsung GearVR, is that you shouldn’t ever have to worry about how much space is left on your phone. Thanks to recent innovations in technology, you can now stream straight from your favorite UPNP/DLNA capable media server. As stated by the team themselves: “Limited phone storage worries are now a thing of the past”.

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Moon Player

5. Moon Player


Next up is Moon Player, a #1 favourite among a vast number of dedicated Samsung GearVR users. If you’re browsing GearVR cinema apps, in search for a minimalistic solution, this one might be what your’e here for. There’s really not much to come for here in terms of design. Moon Player is incredibly elegant, and has a to-die-for User Interface. Like with Pigasus, it allows you to stream video too. The app supports 360°, 3D and much more. Over the past year, Moon Player has made a lot of stride and there’s now support not only for Samsung GearVR, but also iOS  as well as Android.

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4. Bigscreen VR


BigScreen is today’s joker on today’s list of GearVR Cinema Apps, because it’s not actually a dedicated cinematic app. The concept is much cooler than that, and for the PC users out there – check this off on your Christmas wish list right now. What BigScreen really is, is an immersive, social computing experience, allowing you to take control of your computer from the comfort of your Samsung GearVR. This includes everything that might statement indicates – gaming, office-work, 3D modelling, Photoshop – heck, even Facebooking. The massive potential here, might have something to do with why they have received a whopping 3 million dollars in funding. You can head right over and download the recent beta for free on BigScreen’s website.

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VR Cinema - Netflix

3. Netflix VR


Before we reveal the big finish we have to direct your eyes to the awesome work done at the developer team over at Netflix. The Netflix app merges together the wonders of hundreds of the best Hollywood titles, with a gorgeous environment in which you can view your content. Whether you’re into watching your Netflix movies and series from the comfort of a beautifully decorated home, or you want to explore just what it’s like to lay down on your back, and watch the movies like you do the night sky, Netflix has it for you. This one is clearly an editorial favourite, and we can’t wait to cover what’s coming next in future updates.

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GearVR Cinema Apps. VR Cinema Gear 360, Oculus Video

2. Oculus Video


First up on today’s list is the Oculus Cinema that comes out of the box with the GearVR. GearVR Cinema Apps. The app provides you with plenty of interesting ways to navigate in and out of the cinema. It comes out-of-the-box with a few interesting locations for you to digest your big screen moments. Whether you’re interested in a traditional cinema with plenty of empty seats, or you’d like to drop by for a quick rerun of the Lord of the Rings on the surface of the moon, the Oculus Cinema has got your back.

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1. Skybox


Okay guys – it had to get mentioned. Skybox is by far the most packed-to-the-brim cinematic app for the GearVR at thi stage. Not only does is support 10+ different video files, but you get flexible controls, plenty of gorgeous environments and all of it is free to boot. The generous team over at Skybox Studio derserve a cup of coffee on the house for this one.

Release Date: August 13th 2018
Developer: Skybox Studio
Space Required: 251.8 MB


Summary: Top 6 Best GearVR Cinema Apps 2020

It would seem that VR has only just scratched the surface on how it’s going to provide us with entertainment over the next couple of years. The fact that just one year into the adaptation of the technology, we can write a list like this, is testament to the potential of immersive technology. We will continually be updating this article with the latest and greatest of cinematic applications, so make sure to keep coming back for more.

Written by Nick Rasmussen

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