Ghost of Tabor on Meta Quest

‘Ghosts of Tabor’ Debuts on Meta Quest

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On 10 of February, “Ghosts of Tabor”, the game that stands out as the sole virtual reality first-person shooter (FPS) game that is centered around extraction and incorporates both PvP and PvE elements in a survival setting, officially launches on the Meta Quest Store, available for Quest 2, 3, and Pro. Originally debuting on App Lab last March, the game has already captivated players with its intense survival-extraction shooter gameplay set in the aftermath of “The Nuclear Night.” Developed by Combat Waffle Studios, players are thrust into a desolate world where scavenging for supplies, battling enemy factions, and executing strategic escapes with valuable loot are daily challenges. Your survival hinges on your ability to think strategically, utilize your skills, and manage resources effectively. Drawing inspiration from other games in the same genre, “Ghost of Tabor” offers a range of scenarios, including scavenging for resources, looting and crafting.

Combat Waffle Studios’ CEO Scott Albright and Chief Media Officer Duncan McClure shared insights into the game’s development, their personal journeys into the gaming industry, and the unique aspects of bringing survival mechanics to life in VR. Albright’s diverse background, blending law enforcement and military experience with a passion for gaming, alongside McClure’s transition from psychotherapy to gaming, highlights the diverse paths leading to the creation of “Ghosts of Tabor.”

The game distinguishes itself within the survival extraction shooter genre by incorporating VR-specific interactions, enhancing immersion and strategic gameplay. Players must manage resources, craft ammunition, and navigate both cooperative and hostile player interactions, making each playthrough uniquely challenging.

Albright and McClure emphasize the importance of community feedback in the game’s development, noting that player engagement has been instrumental in refining and evolving the game. The decision to launch in early access on App Lab was strategic, allowing the team to gather valuable insights and build a strong player community.

Looking ahead, Combat Waffle Studios is not resting on its laurels. With plans for continuous updates and expansions for “Ghosts of Tabor,” the team is also developing two more games, “Silent North” and “GRIM VR,” promising more immersive and challenging experiences for VR enthusiasts.

As “Ghosts of Tabor” officially launches, it stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of Combat Waffle Studios and the vibrant community that has supported its journey. The game invites players to experience the thrill of survival in a virtual world, where trust is scarce, and every escape is a victory.

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