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Google Earth VR: A Mind-Blowing Virtual Adventure

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Genre: simulation Video Game, Free-to-play, Casual game, Adventure

Compatibility (headsets): all PC VR headsets and Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 if you have an Oculus Link

Platforms: Vive, Steam or Oculus Rift

Minimum requirements: CPU Intel I5-6400 equivalent or better; RAM: 8 GB; GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9; Dedicated Video Ram: 4096 MB; Pixel shader: 5.1; Vertex shader: 5.1; OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or later, Windows 10, Free Disk Space: 4 GB;

Release date: Nov 16, 20216

Developer: Google

Price: Free

Google Earth VR offers an incredible way to explore the world in a lifelike way.

With realistic visuals and interactive features, you can zoom in, pan around, and interact with the environment like never before.

Whether you’re looking to explore famous landmarks or just spin the globe, Google Earth VR has something for everyone.

Even if you don’t have the latest hardware, you can still enjoy the full experience with comfort mode.


You’ll be amazed by the features Google Earth VR offers. From exploring famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign and the Colosseum to interacting with the environment, the application provides a realistic and immersive experience.

Comfort mode is a default setting that reduces motion sickness. Zoom in, move around, and manipulate the environment to your heart’s content. Rendering quality depends on the hardware used, with higher-end systems providing a better experience. There are limits to how small you can zoom in, but the visuals are still impressive.

Google Earth VR is suitable for VR tourism and could be further enhanced with additional features. Experience the world in a way you never thought possible!

Benefits of VR Scouting

google earth vr features

VR scouting offers a unique, cost-effective solution for planning photography trips and exploring new locations. With a VR-ready computer and Oculus Quest 2, you can access Google Earth with ease and explore new locations in virtual reality.

You can see the location at different times of day and in varying light conditions, allowing you to plan for the perfect shot. With VR scouting, you can explore different angles and compositions, as well as get a better understanding of the surface texture of a location.

You can virtually ‘teleport’ to any destination, allowing you to save time and money when scouting for photographic locations. VR scouting is a great addition to traditional scouting methods and will help you to capture stunning landscapes with ease.

VR Vs. Actual Photography

Comparing virtual reality to actual photography can help photographers decide which will provide the best results.

VR rendering offers a realistic depiction of a location, allowing for accurate framing and composition judgment.

Capturing the beauty of a landscape in virtual reality offers a cost-effective way to scout and plan for specific times and weather conditions.

While VR provides a close representation of a scene, there are still limitations to its capabilities. For example, it can be difficult to predict the direction or time of day in the VR environment.

Nevertheless, VR is a valuable addition to traditional scouting methods and can help photographers capture stunning landscapes.

Using Google Earth VR

Building on the comparison between virtual reality and actual photography, Google Earth VR can be used to scout for stunning landscapes. It provides the opportunity to explore places you’ve never been before from any angle. You can plan for different lighting conditions and frame-up shots at different times of the day before visiting in person.

With Google Earth VR, you have the power to visualize what a place looks like at different hours of the day. This helps you enhance your scouting strategy and make the most of your photography trips. It allows you to quickly explore a wide range of locations around the world while avoiding the limits of not knowing the direction or time of day in the VR environment.

Google Earth VR offers a wealth of opportunities for virtual exploration. However, we have a nice collection of other similar relaxing VR games – feel free to check that out, too!

Oculus Quest Setup

To get started, you’ll need to configure your Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Connect it to a VR-ready computer and launch the Oculus app. From there, you can access SteamVR and Google Earth and begin exploring.

With tutorials available online, you’ll quickly get the hang of setting up the VR system. With Oculus Quest, you can teleport to familiar locations and gain the benefits of virtual reality scouting. The VR rendering offers a close depiction of the actual scenery, allowing you to frame up shots and visualize compositions. Plus, you can plan for different times of day and lighting conditions.

Limitations of VR Scouting

Despite its many benefits, virtual reality scouting also has its limitations.

When scouting locations virtually, there are both pros and cons to consider. While you don’t need to travel to the location, there are still challenges that come with scouting in a VR environment. For example, it can be difficult to determine the exact direction or time of day in the virtual world.

Additionally, some locations may not be well-suited to VR scouting, which can limit the effectiveness of the process.

Ultimately, virtual reality can be a valuable addition to traditional scouting methods, but it’s important to consider both the pros and cons before relying too heavily on VR.


google earth vr reception

Building upon the impressive visuals and realistic immersion, Google Earth VR is constantly being developed and improved. Google is expecting to release the application for other platforms in the future, making it more widely available to users.

There are numerous future possibilities for the application, including the potential for gamification and virtual reality tourism.

As technology continues to evolve, Google Earth VR may expand to include more detailed 3D models of locations, as well as more features to make the experience more immersive and engaging.

To keep up with the advancement of technology, Google is investing in research and development, attempting to optimize the application for high-end hardware. The company hopes to expand the potential of the application and continue to make it a more interactive and engaging experience for users.

As the application expands, the possibilities for new and exciting experiences are endless.


Your exploration of the world with Google Earth VR offers a plethora of benefits and experiences. Whether you’re looking to explore hidden gems or take a virtual field trip, the application provides a more immersive experience than looking at a flat map.

The visuals are impressive, with 3D models of cities, landscapes, and famous landmarks. You can control the time of day and manipulate the environment, creating stunning visual effects and enhancing the overall realism.

Additionally, you have the ability to zoom out and explore different areas of the world. Google Earth VR provides a good sense of how cities are laid out, allowing for comparison of city layouts, such as roundabouts in Paris versus grid-like layouts in the United States.


With Google Earth VR, you can experience the world in an entirely new way. From exploring iconic landmarks like the Hollywood sign and the Colosseum to virtually traveling to any destination without ever leaving your home, Google Earth VR offers an immersive and interactive experience.

Google Earth VR also offers impressive realism, allowing you to compare the layout of cities and experience the size of various landmarks from the comfort of your own home.

Reception and our honest opinion

Overall, the reception of this software is highly positive. It has a rating of 4/5 in Common Sense Media, 9/10 in Steam, and 4.5/5 in Meta Store. It is a really amazing piece of software that gives users the chance to fly about to any part of the world without leaving the comfort of home and completely free of charge. A must-play for everyone who loves to travel.

However, bear in mind that there are plenty of upcoming VR adventure games.


Google Earth VR offers an unparalleled virtual experience, allowing you to explore the world from the comfort of your own home. With realistic visuals, immersive features, and the option to reduce motion sickness, you can enjoy a mind-blowing virtual adventure no matter what hardware you have.

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