Gorilla Tag VR review

Gorilla Tag VR Review

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Genre: Action, Casual
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR ot Oculus PC
Platforms: Steam Store, Meta Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX 8350, Memory; 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 290, Storage: 140 MB available space
Features: single / multiplayer, PVP
Release date: Dec 15, 2022
Developer: Another Axiom
Price: Free to play

Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality (VR) game that offers a unique and immersive multiplayer experience. Developed and published by Another Axiom LLC, the game is available on various VR platforms, including Meta Quest and PC-compatible VR headsets, and supports cross-platform play.

Upon entering the virtual world of Gorilla Tag VR, players are introduced to a game that emphasizes movement and social interactions. The gameplay mechanics involve swinging through trees and climbing structures, which may present a learning curve for new players. Social interactions play a crucial role in the game, as players must work together to avoid infected players or strategize to catch others. Team strategies can develop organically as players navigate the environment. If you are interested in knowing how to get long arms in Gorilla Tag, we recommend you jump straight to this guide here.

Gorilla Tag VR – game features

Gorilla Tag VR gameplay

The game features two primary game modes: Infection and Hunt. In Infection, one player starts as the “Lava Monkey” and must tag others to turn them into Lava Monkeys as well, with the round ending when all players are caught.

In Hunt, players are assigned a specific target to catch while avoiding being caught themselves, transforming into an “Ice Monkey” with slower movement upon being tagged

Memorable moments in Gorilla Tag VR include instances where players execute successful swings to evade capture or when coordinated teams outsmart the infected gorillas. These moments highlight the game’s potential for teamwork and strategic thinking. Overall, Gorilla Tag VR offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that encourages players to collaborate and strategize within the virtual environment.

Gorilla Tag is free to play and can be downloaded from the Meta Quest store. It has a strong community presence, with a dedicated Discord channel for updates and player interaction. The game also features various cosmetic options, such as hats, faces, and gloves, which players can use to customize their avatars

Mastering Infection Mechanism and Strategy

In Gorilla Tag VR, understanding the infection mechanism and strategic tactics is crucial for success.

Camouflage techniques, such as blending into the environment, can help players evade infected opponents effectively.

Building alliances with other uninfected players can improve survival rates.

Developing accuracy in snowball throwing is essential for catching opponents, while teamwork is key to capturing infected players.

Observing movement patterns, utilizing hiding spots, and climbing to high vantage points are effective strategies for avoiding detection.

Exclusive In-Game Items and Features

The Gorilla Tag Store on the Meta Quest platform offers players access to a variety of exclusive in-game items and features aimed at enhancing their gameplay experience. Custom avatar skins allow players to personalize their gorilla characters, adding a unique element to their gameplay.

Moreover, unique power-ups are available to provide strategic advantages during matches, giving players the chance to outmaneuver their opponents and excel on the playing field. These exclusive offerings contribute to the customization and excitement of the game while also offering a competitive edge to those who opt to use them.

The introduction of custom avatar skins and unique power-ups by the Gorilla Tag Store enriches the gameplay experience for all players by adding depth and enjoyment to their sessions.

Experiencing Motion Sickness in Gameplay

Gorilla Tag VR graphics

Experiencing motion sickness during gameplay can significantly impact the immersive enjoyment of Gorilla Tag VR. Managing motion sickness is crucial for a smoother gaming experience.

To address this issue, adjusting movement settings such as speed and sensitivity can help alleviate feelings of nausea. Taking regular breaks between gaming sessions and maintaining hydration levels can also help reduce symptoms.

Following gameplay tips like focusing on a fixed point in the game space rather than quick movements can decrease the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness. It’s important to be mindful of your body’s signals and stop playing if discomfort persists.

Immersive Interactions With Online Players

Interacting with other players in Gorilla Tag VR introduces an element of unpredictability to the gameplay experience. The online interactions foster a sense of camaraderie as players navigate the virtual world as gorillas without legs.

Multiplayer dynamics come into play as strategies adapt and impromptu alliances are forged. Players collaborate to capture infected players or avoid being tagged by utilizing various tactics such as climbing obstacles.

The real-time interactions with other players contribute to the social immersion of Gorilla Tag VR, offering a mix of chasing and tagging players, evolving group dynamics, and the inclusion of new players to keep the experience engaging.


The game has received a 9/10 rating on Steam. With 17,000 reviews, they are all very positive. A similar game of Gorilla Tag is Capuchin VR – make sure to check it out if you are into monkey VR games.


Overall, Gorilla Tag VR stands out for its simplicity, physicality, and the unique way it leverages VR technology to reinvent a classic childhood game, making it a popular choice among VR enthusiasts. Check out the other upcoming VR Games here.

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