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Guardians Frontline Unleashes Exciting New Enemies Update!

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Guardians Frontline has just received a significant free update. Dubbed Update 5, this latest enhancement introduces a host of new features, improvements, and fixes, promising to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Basic Game Overview

Guardians Frontline is a virtual reality game that combines first-person shooter (FPS) action with real-time strategy (RTS) elements. Players take on the role of a Guardian, tasked with defending humanity against alien threats. The game features a campaign mode with a series of missions across different planets, as well as cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. It also includes an in-game level editor for creating and sharing custom maps, adding to its replay value. The gameplay involves both shooting and commanding units on the battlefield, offering a strategic layer to the combat experience.

New Threats on the Horizon

Players can brace themselves for an intensified challenge with the introduction of three new formidable bug species. Each species brings a unique set of abilities to the battlefield:

  • Arack Level 2: A menacing new unit with the ability to burrow underground, launching surprise attacks on unsuspecting players. Its invulnerability while burrowed adds a strategic layer, requiring the use of tactical view to reveal and combat these creatures.
  • Insect Level 2: An evolution of the regular insects, this variant is not only bigger and stronger but also capable of launching a freezing attack that paralyzes units for 5 seconds, adding a critical dynamic to combat scenarios.
  • Siege Sentinel: Enhancing the sentinel’s arsenal, this variant can launch explosive projectiles over long distances. Its ability to execute parabolic shots complements the sentinel’s linear attack strategy, offering players new tactical options.

Elevating the Guardian Experience

The update doesn’t stop at new enemies; it also introduces several enhancements aimed at enriching the gameplay:

  • A new rank system extension, adding 10 new levels up to level 50, challenges players to reach the prestigious rank of Supreme Commander.
  • The ultimate skin for Guardians achieving Level 50, providing 30% extra protection against explosive damage, a boon for those facing the enhanced bug threats.
  • The AK20 weapon now features a secondary attack mode, allowing for the discharge of powerful explosive projectiles, broadening the player’s combat capabilities.

Game Improvements and Fixes

A slew of improvements has been implemented to enhance the overall game experience:

  • Private games can now be created directly from the Campaign section, with additional filters for slots available and game mode in the games list.
  • Bugs have been programmed to seek the nearest portal if a direct path to their target is unavailable, improving AI behavior.
  • The usability of the sword blast has been improved, along with the addition of new sound effects for insects and scorpions, and various other enhancements aimed at refining gameplay.

The update also addresses a range of bugs and issues, from environmental effects being too loud on PC to fixes in the PvP system and map editor enhancements. These fixes are crucial for maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Editor Enhancements

For the creative minds, the update expands the capabilities of the map editor:

  • The conquer spawn mode now allows for the use of all nests as potential spawn points.
  • The biome filter has exited beta, enabling the merging of assets from different biomes in maps.
  • Certified map makers can now highlight one of their maps in the “Creators highlights” section, providing a platform for showcasing their creative works.


Update 5 for Guardians Frontline marks a significant milestone in the game’s evolution, introducing new challenges, enhancing gameplay, and fixing key issues. With these updates, the developers continue to support and expand the Guardians Frontline universe, ensuring that players have fresh content to explore and new battles to conquer. Whether you’re strategizing against the new bug species or climbing the ranks to Supreme Commander, Guardians Frontline’s latest update promises an immersive and thrilling VR experience.

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