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Basic Information for Hellsweeper VR

Hellsweeper VR offers a thrilling virtual reality experience set in the first-person perspective, focusing on action-packed combat. Navigate through the depths of the underworld, where each movement could lead to either a challenge or an opportunity. Master the art of combat, wielding both weaponry and elemental magic to survive against the relentless forces of hell’s corrupted beings.

New Weapon: The Magician’s Staff

Developers heard your requests for a Katana, and they’re happy to say that it’s in the works. However, they’re also introducing another weapon in our upcoming update: The Magician’s Staff. This magic-focused weapon is perfect for those looking to elevate their magical combat skills. The staff can be used in various ways to create different effects when combined with your magic balls. It can be slammed or pointed forward, offering different attacks depending on the elements equipped. Plus, you no longer need two hands to combine spells, freeing up your other hand for additional actions.

Meet Wrath: The New Star of the Show

You will also meet a new enemy, Wrath, who has been making appearances on our platforms. This 2-in-1 enemy is sure to add an extra layer of challenge to your gameplay.

Elemental Bosses

Some bosses are also receiving an update. Elemental bosses, which were not originally in our roadmap, are being introduced to add more variety and difficulty to the boss fights. These bosses will have new movesets and enhanced attacks, such as a Fire-based Savagery that leaves lava pools on the floor or sets up fountains of fire.

Visual Improvements

They’re also working on visual improvements for PSVR2, PCVR, and Quest 2 & 3. For PSVR2, they’re shifting our Unity render pipeline from Standard to Universal to improve overall performance and visuals. Quest 2 and 3 will also receive visual updates, and all platforms will see smaller-scale upgrades, such as updated environmental objects with higher fidelity.

Stay Connected

Developers invite everyone to join them on their various channels to stay updated on Hellsweeper VR. If you have any reports or bugs to send them, you can join their Discord and open a thread under #support, or start a thread on the Steam Discussions boards under Bug Reports. For broken saves, game-breaking bugs, and similar issues, everyone can send saved files to

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