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How to Get Long Arms in Gorilla Tag?

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The classic game of “tag” has received a very entertaining reimagined VR version, which has gained a ton of popularity, especially among new adopters of the technology. Gorilla Tag enables players to have fun with each other during a game of tag with a twist – they’re playing as gorillas, which climb, jump, and overcome obstacles in order to tag other players.

A great perk one could opt for in this game is having longer arms, which enhance your performance, however this mechanics tweak could be considered cheating, therefore many don’t opt for it. However, this modification can offer various advantages, which is why we’ve done our research to help Gorilla Tag enthusiasts figure out ways to implement longer arms in their gameplay.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can adjust arm length in Gorilla Tag via Steam VR or Oculus Quest 2 settings.
  • Long arms can be obtained through in-game settings or physical attachments.
  • Remember to experiment with long arms for fun and always respect gameplay integrity.

Arm Length Modification Methods

To modify the length of your arms in Gorilla Tag on Oculus Quest 2, enable the Height Adjustment option in the Accessibility menu. This simple tweak allows you to customize your arm length within the game. In order to achieve this effect, follow these simple steps:

  • After you start the game, open the menu by clicking the button on your right controller.
  • Find the apps icon and search for the “Settings” menu, where you’ll click on “Accessibility” and then on the “Motion” tab.
  • You’ll then see the “Height Adjustment” option, which you’ll turn on by using the slider next to it.
  • When exiting the menu, you’ll return to the game with longer-appearing arms.

If you want more seamless gameplay, then using arm extender attachments for controllers can also physically lengthen your arms, providing a unique and immersive experience in Gorilla Tag.

Effects of Long Arms

Adapting to longer arms in Gorilla Tag may initially impact your movement as you adjust to the new arm length. With arms extending by about half a foot, your in-game appearance will visibly change, potentially affecting your gameplay experience. The altered arm length can lead to challenges in maneuvering until you become accustomed to the extended reach.

By disabling Height Adjustment in the Oculus Quest 2 settings, you can revert your arms to their normal length if desired. Furthermore, utilizing physical arm extender attachments on controllers can further elongate your arms, offering potential gameplay advantages like moving faster, jumping higher, and branch and wall climbing more easily.

What to consider before opting for Long Arms?

Long arms can significantly impact movement and gameplay mechanics, potentially offering advantages in specific situations. However, it’s essential to note that using long arms in Gorilla Tag is often viewed as a form of cheating by some players.

Respecting others’ preferences regarding long arms is crucial for maintaining a positive gaming environment. While experimenting with long arms can be an enjoyable way to explore different gameplay dynamics, players should be cautious about the potential implications on game balance. It’s vital to approach the use of long arms as a temporary modification for fun and experimentation rather than as a permanent strategy.

Alternative Arm Length Modifications

An alternative arm elongating method is installing mods like the Shibas mod on PCVR, which significantly extends arm length, providing gameplay advantages.

To get this mod, you should go to, download and install the “Shiba Mod Menu V6” mod.

Another practical approach involves using sticks or objects to physically extend arm length in Gorilla Tag, offering players an alternative way to enhance their reach within the game. Therefore purchasing sticks online to attach controllers or taping controllers to objects can further optimize arm length extension in Gorilla Tag, allowing for a unique gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Free Long Arms on Gorilla Tag?

To get free long arms on Gorilla Tag, you can utilize settings to modify arm length as desired. Mimic visual guide and hold the controller as shown.

Can You Change Arm Length on Gorilla Tag?

You can change arm length in Gorilla Tag by adjusting settings in-game. Pull up the menu, navigate to Video Settings, and modify the arm length using the draggable scale.

Are Long Arms Allowed in Gorilla Tag?

Long arms are not officially allowed in Gorilla Tag due to potential gameplay impacts and community guidelines. Using long arms may disrupt the intended experience and be viewed as unfair by some players.

How Do You Get Long Arms in Gorilla Tag Quest 3?

To get long arms in Gorilla Tag on Quest 3, adjust arm length by enabling Height Adjustment in the Accessibility menu. Physical arm extenders can also lengthen arms.


Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Gorilla Tag experience by exploring various arm length modification methods and discovering how they can elevate your gameplay dynamics. However, to ensure fair gameplay for everyone, it’s essential to respect other players’ preferences when using long arms.

As you explore the implications of longer arms in Gorilla Tag, consider how they may influence your gameplay style and interactions with others in the virtual environment.

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