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ICAROS – achieving physical well-being through VR technology

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VR technology has successfully made its way into the fitness and wellness niche, as many entrepreneurs and health specialists have teamed up to prove the potential of VR in physical workouts and even rehabilitation. A poster child of this developing industry is the German company ICAROS.

With a dedication to empowering individuals to reach their health and fitness objectives, ICAROS provides a variety of products tailored for professional utilization in therapy, rehabilitation, and fitness studios. Ranging from core and balance training to immersive adventures that replicate flying and deep-ocean diving, ICAROS leads the way in turning workouts into captivating experiences.

This article aims to uncover ICAROS’s take on VR fitness, the products it provides and why they’re playing a substantial part in the further development of the VR health and fitness field.

What is ICAROS

ICAROS is a prominent innovator in the virtual reality fitness and therapy equipment field. The company was founded in Munich, Germany in 2015. Specializing in developing and producing gamified full-body workout and rehabilitation equipment, ICAROS seamlessly integrates virtual reality technology with gamification to make exercise more engaging and entertaining.

Their flagship product, designed for professional use in orthopedic and neurological therapy and rehabilitation, offers effective core and balance training for patients with physical limitations. ICAROS systems are versatile and widely used in top-notch therapy and training centers. They are optimized for professional use in fitness clubs, therapy facilities, or hotels.

Use Cases of the ICAROS VR system

The ICAROS VR system has application primarily in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation, and therapy. The versatility of the ICAROS VR line of products makes them suitable for both personal and commercial use.

  • ICAROS combines virtual reality with full-body exercise to create engaging and effective workouts. Users can fly, dive, or race through immersive VR worlds while training their core, balance, and various muscle groups. The gamification aspect helps make exercise more enjoyable and motivating.
  • ICAROS is particularly useful in neurorehabilitation as it targets key aspects like core and balance training. The VR experience can significantly increase patient motivation and engagement, leading to better and faster results. Patients can detach from their current environment and constantly redefine their boundaries.
  • ICAROS systems are used daily in top-tier therapy and training centers. The adjustable and customizable features, along with compatibility with various VR systems, make it a versatile solution for therapy-focused applications. ICAROS is designed to help patients transition from their current state to becoming athletes.

ICAROS has received support from the German Ministry for Education and Ministry of Economics for its research and development efforts. The scientific advisory board, composed of renowned physicians, researchers, and scientists, ensures an evidence-based approach to creating effective and exciting training experiences.

ICAROS VR Products

The ICAROS product line offers a range of virtual reality fitness equipment designed to combine exercise with immersive gaming experiences.


ICAROS Pro is a premium, commercial-grade VR fitness device manufactured in Germany is the ICAROS Pro. This device operates by the user moving their body weight, which tilts the ICAROS Pro forward and backward. The gyroscopic central section also rolls from side to side, allowing the user to control their movements in the virtual environment. The ICAROS Pro is optimized for professional use in fitness clubs, therapy facilities, and hotels. Users can experience flying, diving, or driving through virtual worlds while enhancing core strength, upper body, coordination, and balance. The kit includes the ICAROS Pro unit and software, offering an immersive and engaging fitness experience.

The ICAROS Pro is delivered fully assembled in one piece, with dimensions measuring 142 cm x 104 cm x 113 cm. It weighs 158 kg. Pricing for this device starts at €11,900 excluding VAT and shipping costs.


The ICAROS Home Fitness device offers a compact and affordable way for users to enjoy VR-based workouts. Compatible with tablets and VR headsets, it features a variable planking position for dynamic exercises, providing a versatile full-body workout experience. The device works with various VR headsets and includes games like FLIGHT, DEEP, AIM, and DRAGON GAME. Suitable for users between 140 cm and 200 cm in height, aged 14 years or older, and weighing up to 110 kg, the ICAROS Home is designed for home use.

ICAROS features

With its compact and lightweight design, the ICAROS Home measures 1.71-1.87 m (length), 0.780-0.907 m (width), and 858 mm (height), weighing between 49-56 kg. It can be set up in a space of at least 1.5 m x 2.5 m, making it ideal for home workouts.

The starting price for the ICAROS Home system is €2,990 (incl. VAT) plus shipping, which includes the ICAROS Home device, tablet holder, controller, and ICAROS VR apps.


The ICAROS Cloud is an innovative, inflatable, and digitally connected training platform designed to provide full-body workouts. This platform enables users to experience interactive exercise programs, yoga and Pilates-inspired balance exercises, strength workouts, and HIIT sessions through their smartphones, tablets, or VR headsets. The ICAROS Cloud is tailored to improve users’ coordination, balance, and stability while engaging their core and building leg and upper body muscles.

The system includes an inflatable cloud-shaped base, adjustable footrests, a holder for tablets and smartphones, a high-quality air pump, and attachable resistance bungees. For installation, it requires a minimum space of 250 cm x 250 cm.

The ICAROS Cloud is available for purchase for 1,400 € (including VAT) and is shipped internationally in a box weighing approximately 15 kg.


The ICAROS Health is a specialized virtual reality fitness and rehabilitation device designed to optimize core and balance training for patients undergoing physical therapy and neurorehabilitation. Equipped with an abdominal belt that provides additional support for the lower body, the device helps users maintain proper posture and form during exercises. While using the ICAROS Health, users engage their core, upper body, and torso muscles, improving strength, balance, and coordination. This device is designed for use in orthopedic and neurological therapy and rehabilitation settings, which is why it meets the highest safety and usability standards.

The pricing of this top-tier model starts at €12,000 incl. VAT.

ICAROS Guardian

The ICAROS Guardian is an advanced balance training platform designed to assist patients, particularly those recovering from neurological conditions or injuries, in enhancing their balance, coordination, and overall physical performance in an enjoyable and engaging manner. The Guardian system comprises a special platform on which the user stands while wearing VR goggles or using a tablet or smartphone attached to the device. Users control the action in the VR game by executing targeted movements, which challenges their balance and stability.

The system includes the N.E.X.T. (Neuro-Experience-Training) intelligent training software developed in collaboration with therapists and patients to promote neuroplasticity and neural rewiring through gaming and virtual reality.

The ICAROS Guardian is classified as a Class 1 medical device under MDR regulations, making it suitable for use in various healthcare settings like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and physiotherapy departments.

The starting price for this model is 11,900 € excluding VAT.


The ICAROS App is a comprehensive health and fitness application available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It offers a range of exercises designed by sports scientists and professional trainers to enhance muscle strength, core stability, and back health. Users can engage in yoga- and pilates-inspired balance exercises, strength workouts, and HIIT sessions to improve coordination, power, and endurance.

The app allows users to track their training progress, set personal goals, and benefit from interactive exercise programs for a full-body workout experience. Additionally, the ICAROS App integrates with the Health app and uses HealthKit to measure heart rate during exercises. It is compatible with various ICAROS devices like ICAROS Cloud, ICAROS Home, ICAROS Pro, and ICAROS Health, providing users with a seamless fitness experience across different platforms.

ICAROS benefits

The ICAROS App offers a subscription-based model with different pricing tiers, including options for monthly, yearly, and lifetime access to professional training, exergames, and a library of exercises. Users can cancel subscriptions through their account settings to manage their membership effectively.

VR experiences

ICAROS offers a wide variety of VR experiences for its devices, catering to different interests and fitness goals. These experiences are designed to be engaging, entertaining, and motivating, while also providing an effective workout. Here are some of the VR experiences available for ICAROS devices:

  • Explore – this experience allows users to discover beautiful landscapes and get fit while exploring the planet.
  • N.E.X.T. – is an intelligent VR training software that provides a comprehensive workout.
  • Dolomites – users can explore one of Europe’s most iconic countrysides, the Dolomites, in VR.
  • Berchtesgaden – this experience allows users to explore National Park Berchtesgaden in VR.
  • Dragon Game – in this game, users ride on a dragon’s back, fight aerial pirates, and exercise at the same time.
  • Engadin – users get to explore real landscapes in a photorealistic environment.
  • Deep – takes users underwater, where they can race sharks and manta rays, and battle with enemy submarines.
  • Gravity – this game simulates a spectacular vertical free fall from space to earth, providing an intense workout.
  • Flight – you get to explore a glacier landscape, complete challenging parcours, and engage in a shooter game that requires perfect body control.
  • Aim – this experience allows users to fly in a breathtaking alpine scenery, aiming for a high score in various game modes.
  • Core – is a complete exercise software that trains core stability, functionality, and reactivity in different difficulty levels.
  • ICARACE – this is a competitive eSports experience that allows users to race against other ICAROS pilots in real-time.

Why buy ICAROS VR fitness equipment?

  • ICAROS devices integrate physical workouts with immersive virtual reality experiences. Users can enjoy a full-body workout while being engaged and entertained in a virtual environment.
  • This innovative approach improves physical fitness by engaging multiple muscle groups, including the core, shoulders, and legs. The adjustable resistance levels allow users to progressively increase difficulty, enhancing strength and balance.
  • Using ICAROS enhances mental focus as users must control the device by shifting their bodies to navigate the virtual world. This activity helps improve concentration and coordination.
  • The versatility of ICAROS makes it suitable for various use cases. The product line includes models for physical therapy, rehabilitation, commercial gyms, and home use, catering to a wide range of applications.
  • Some gyms and studios are investing in ICAROS devices to differentiate their fitness offerings, setting themselves apart from competitors and providing a unique, cutting-edge fitness experience.


As VR fitness gains popularity, ICAROS leads the way with a unique and innovative solution that merges cutting-edge technology with evidence-based exercise principles. Their dedication to user-centric design and emphasis on health empowerment positions ICAROS to revolutionize how individuals engage with fitness and rehabilitation.

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