Travel Mode for Quest 2,3 and Pro for better flight

Introducing Travel Mode on Meta Quest 2 & 3 for Enhanced In-Flight Entertainment

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Meta has recently unveiled an innovative feature for its Quest 2 and Quest 3 virtual reality headsets, aptly named “Travel Mode.” This new addition is designed to enhance the in-flight entertainment experience for travelers, allowing them to immerse themselves in movies, games, meditation apps, and even work-related tasks, all within the comfort of their VR headsets. The announcement was made on May 13, 2024, marking a significant step forward in making VR technology more accessible and enjoyable for users on the go.

Travel Mode: A New Horizon for In-Flight Entertainment

Travel Mode transforms the Meta Quest headsets into the ultimate travel companion, offering a massive virtual screen for watching movies, a serene space for meditation, and a private environment for getting work done. This feature is particularly appealing for travelers, as it promises a comfortable and immersive experience without the need for additional accessories like neck pillows. The ergonomic design of the Quest headsets further ensures user comfort throughout the journey.

One of the key functionalities of Travel Mode is its ability to detect and connect to airline Wi-Fi networks automatically. This seamless connectivity allows users to access a variety of in-flight entertainment options directly through their headsets. Additionally, users can dive into their library of Quest content, although it’s recommended to check internet requirements for specific games or apps beforehand.

Meta has also addressed the challenge of using VR headsets in moving vehicles by fine-tuning algorithms to account for the motion of an airplane. This ensures a stable and consistent experience even when users look out the window. Initially optimized for airplanes, Meta plans to extend support for Travel Mode to other modes of transportation, such as trains, in the future.

Lufthansa Collaboration: A Pilot Program

In a groundbreaking move, Meta has partnered with Lufthansa to introduce a pilot program that integrates Quest 3 headsets into the airline’s new Allegris Business Class Suite. This collaboration will provide passengers with a range of custom, dedicated mixed reality (MR) content, including entertainment, travel, wellness, and games, all designed to run on Quest 3 in Travel Mode. Meta Business Partner will spearhead content creation and provide device setup, distribution, management, and technical support in collaboration with Meta and Lufthansa.

Björn Becker, Head of Future Intercontinental Experience at Lufthansa Group, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, “Through the cooperation with Meta, two innovative market leaders can open the next chapter of in-flight entertainment and offer guests completely new experiences.”

Enhancing Travel with Quest 3

The Quest 3 headset, with its lightweight, all-in-one design, is positioned as the perfect travel accessory. Its portability allows users to easily pack it in a backpack or duffel bag, making it an ideal choice for extended layovers or long-distance flights. The optional Quest 3 Carrying Case and Elite Strap with Battery further enhance its travel-friendliness. Additionally, the headset’s compatibility with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on a virtual screen offers an alternative to packing a console, providing a comprehensive entertainment solution for travelers.

With the introduction of Travel Mode, Meta continues to push the boundaries of virtual reality, making it more accessible and enjoyable for users worldwide. This feature, along with the strategic partnership with Lufthansa, signifies a major leap forward in the integration of VR technology into everyday life, particularly in the context of travel.

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