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Iron Man VR – our opinion after 50+ hours of play time

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a PlayStation VR-exclusive shooter game that immerses players in the role of Tony Stark, allowing them to control Iron Man from a first-person perspective. The game was developed by Camouflaj, a studio also famous for Republique VR. Despite its technical achievements and the novelty of embodying Iron Man, the game has been criticized for repetitive missions, a bland story, and limited enemy types, which detract from its overall enjoyment.

Additionally, the game suffers from long loading times and a reliance on outdated PlayStation Move controllers, but it remains a notable example of VR’s potential to deliver superhero experiences.

Gameplay and Features

Intuitive Control Scheme

The game is celebrated for its intuitive control scheme, which leverages the PlayStation Move or Oculus Touch controllers. This setup allows players to navigate Iron Man’s flight and combat systems naturally, with movements that mimic the superhero’s actions in the comics and films. Players control Iron Man’s flight through hand and head positioning, using the VR headset and controllers to soar through various environments and engage in combat with enemies.

Combat and Customization

Iron Man VR features

Combat in Iron Man VR is dynamic, with players able to execute high-speed boosts, Rocket Punches, and Ground Pounds and unleash the powerful Unibeam from Iron Man’s chest. The game also features auxiliary weapons that can be upgraded and customized. Players earn Research Points through the campaign, which can be used for deeper customization of Repulsor types, Auxiliary weapons, Arc Reactors, and Thrusters.

Tony Stark’s garage serves as the hub for customization, where players can view and modify their armor. This feature allows for a personalized gameplay experience, as players can tailor Iron Man’s capabilities to their play style.

Narrative and Setting

Marvel’s Iron Man VR offers a standalone narrative within the continuity of Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man series. The story pits Tony Stark against Ghost, a mysterious hacker and terrorist seeking revenge against Stark Industries. The game’s narrative unfolds across various global locales, including the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, downtown Shanghai, and Stark Industries facilities provide a rich backdrop for the action.

VR Experience

The developers at Camouflaj focused on creating an authentic Iron Man experience in VR, emphasizing the sensation of flight. The game’s VR implementation allows players to feel as if they are truly embodying the superhero, with the ability to fly, navigate, and combat in a fully immersive environment.

Reception and Availability

Iron Man VR graphics

Marvel’s Iron Man VR received above-average reviews, according to Google. The rating is 4.5/5, and it is also praised for its immersive gameplay and innovative use of VR technology. The game is available on PlayStation VR and was later released for the Meta Quest 2, broadening its accessibility to a wider audience of VR enthusiasts.

In summary, Marvel’s Iron Man VR offers fans of the superhero an opportunity to step into Tony Stark’s shoes, combining intuitive VR gameplay, deep customization options, and a compelling narrative within the expansive Marvel universe.


In conclusion, stepping into Iron Man’s suit through VR is an unparalleled experience that pushes the boundaries of gaming.

The seamless blend of technology, storytelling, and immersive gameplay creates a truly unforgettable adventure. With stunning visuals, dynamic gameplay, and a captivating storyline, Marvel’s Iron Man VR sets a new standard for virtual reality gaming.

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