Gran Turismo Sport VR review

Gran Turismo Sport: VR Racing Immersion

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Genre: racing, sport, simulation

Compatibility (headsets): PS VR2,

Platforms: PlayStation Store

Minimum requirements: Processor: i5-4670K 3.4 GHz/ AMD FX 8370, Graphics: AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8 GB or Nvidia RTX 2060 6 GB, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Storage: 40 GB available space

Features: single / multiplayer

Release date: October 17, 2017

Developer: Polyphony Digital

Price: 19.99 $

Gran Turismo Sport VR is a racing game, developed by the japanese video game studio Polyphony Digital, also creators of Motor Toon Gran Prix 1 and 2 as well as the whole series of Gran Turismo – from 1 till 7.

Gran Turismo Sport offers an immersive experience with its highly anticipated VR mode.

Players can now enjoy realistic visuals and gameplay while admiring car cockpits and changing the time of day.

While Gran Turismo Sport VR may not be the major killer app for virtual reality, it still appeals to dedicated Gran Turismo fans.

Impressive Visuals and Gameplay

Gran Turismo Sport VR gameplay

Gran Turismo Sport’s VR mode offers an immersive gaming experience with impressive visuals and intuitive gameplay elements. Mirrors can be used to view what’s happening behind the player, creating an authentic experience that is further enhanced by depth perception.

Players can enjoy two activities in VR mode: racing against a single AI opponent and viewing car models in a showroom environment. Menus are presented in cinematic mode. Despite the limited features, the game still offers a variety of options, such as the ability to change the time of day and play all tracks available in the game.

Immersion in Virtual Reality and the ability to race with intuitive gameplay elements make Gran Turismo Sport’s VR mode a great experience.

Dashboard clarity in Gran Turismo Sport VR is impressive, with the details on the dashboard being clear and legible.

Time of Day Changes and Variety

Players of Gran Turismo Sport in virtual reality can enjoy a variety of options and features. These include the ability to change the time of day and scenery, adding depth to the VR experience. This offers an immersive experience, unlike other racing games. The ability to choose when to race and what tracks to race on gives players a sense of control over their virtual environment. The time of day change allows for dynamic lighting and shadows, further enhancing the immersion. The ability to change the time of day adds an extra layer of depth to the VR experience as players can adjust the atmosphere and environment of the race.

What we didn’t like

One of the things is the limited number of laps in races, and the lack of campaign and online multiplayer modes in VR may be disappointing for some players and for us.

Also, there is no time trial mode, so you are not able to exercise on different tracks. There is no option to increase the number of laps in races or solo track sessions either.

One of the main flaws is the limited number of cars and tracks that you are able to choose from in the VR mod of the game.

Lastly, Gran Turismo Sport VR struggles to convey a sense of speed. The game may be cautious of motion sickness, which affects the sense of speed in VR. Despite this lack of a great sense of speed, the steering wheel setup in VR still offers a sense of immersion and benefits.

Overall Thoughts and Recommendations

Gran Turismo Sport VR graphics

Overall, Gran Turismo Sport’s VR mode offers a highly immersive experience with its impressive visuals and intuitive gameplay elements. While the limited features and options may be disappointing for some players, the VR mode showcases the potential of the game and allows for the admiration of car cockpits.

Reviewers and ratings vary significantly on different sites and platforms. Our opinion is that Gran Turismo Sport’s VR mode is an impressive glimpse into the potential of virtual reality. However, if you want to check more VR Racing games, feel free to have a look at this page:


Gran Turismo Sport VR offers players a unique and immersive experience with the ability to view the trackside details and distance view with good dashboard clarity.

Players can enjoy the visuals and gameplay of the game while taking advantage of the time of day and course changes available in the VR mode.

While the limited cars and tracks may disappoint some players, overall, the game is likely to be well-received by the dedicated Gran Turismo fanbase. Make sure to check the upcoming VR racing games as well.

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