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Jurassic World Aftermath Meta – our honest opinion

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Genre: action, adventure

Compatibility (headsets): PS VR2, Meta Quest

Platforms: Meta Store, PS VR2

Minimum requirements:

Features: singleplayer

Release date: December 17, 2020 for Meta and February 22, 2023 for PS VR2

Developer: Coatsink Software

Price: 16.50 $

Jurassic World Aftermath is an immersive first-person narrative game for the Oculus Quest, developed by Coatsink Software, a small indie studio that has grown significantly since 2009 and is now part of Thunderful Group. They are also famous for games “Nostalgia”, “islanders”, “Worldless” and other VR games.

With characters from both the old and new Jurassic World films and a stylish cell-shaded art style, the game is highly polished and faithful to the source material.

However, its unambitious design and basic gameplay may be a challenge to maintain enthusiasm.

Gameplay mechanics

Jurassic World Aftermath gameplay

Set between the events of Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World Aftermath is a narrative-driven FPS VR horror game with light stealth elements. Players take on the role of a survivor trapped in a dinosaur replicating facility on Isla Nublar after their plane crashes.

Using a radio, they must follow the orders of Dr. Mia Everett to restore the facility’s systems and escape. The game features unique game mechanics, such as hiding in lockers and desks to evade dinosaurs and engaging in hacking minigames to progress the storyline.

Immersion is further enhanced by the various gameplay mechanics available to the player in Jurassic World Aftermath. These mechanics allow for increased player interaction and strategic decision-making.

For example, a stamina bar prevents the player from constantly running, and a heartbeat mechanic triggers after a certain number of steps to add tension.

The left hand provides a nav pointer, reducing reliance on maps, and the right hand has a hacker module to hack TV screens and intercoms.

Options include seated mode and smooth turning for comfort and accessibility.

All these mechanics provide an immersive experience which adds to the tension and excitement of the game.

Despite its impressive graphics, animations, sound, and music, the game lacks depth and can become uninteresting quickly. It is a faithful recreation of the Jurassic World universe but ultimately falls short of holding players’ attention.

Sound Design

Sound design plays a central role in the tension and immersion of the game. From screeching velociraptors to intense music, audio helps make the game a thrilling experience.

Jeff Goldblum also lends his vocal talents and audio clips, while the story is further explored through radio feeds, audio clips, and hacked emails. Audio adds an immersive ambiance to the game world and plays an important role in the overall gameplay.

Flashlights can be used to scare off Dilophosaurus, and water can be used to wash away its blinding toxin. This attention to sound detail is essential in creating an atmosphere that adds to the game’s tension.


Jurassic World Aftermath graphics

The enemies in Jurassic World Aftermath add to the tension and excitement with their hunting abilities. Velociraptors are the primary threat, actively pursuing the player using sound and sight.

For added intensity, a more intelligent velociraptor named Blue is introduced, offering a greater challenge.

Dilophosaurus is another enemy, an ambush predator that can be scared off with a flashlight yet also has the ability to spit a blinding toxin that requires water to wash away.

Each of these enemies brings a unique set of behaviors and encounters that must be navigated with care to survive.


Despite its exciting gameplay mechanics and immersive enemies, Jurassic World Aftermath does have some limitations.

While the lack of physical combat and death animations can be forgiven, the lack of interactivity with the environment and immersion concerns take away from the experience, which, in my opinion, is the biggest flaw of the game.

The lack of a microphone inclusion, despite showing a mic icon in the options, prevents players from playing with friends or using voice commands to interact with their environment.

While these issues are certainly noticeable, they don’t take away from the tension, gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, and effective sound design.

Technical Issues

Jurassic World Aftermath is not without its technical issues. I was often met with glitchy loading screens, which was frustrating. There is a prominent ‘buy expansion’ button in the menu, despite the fact that the content is not yet available.

Immersion breakers, such as the display blacking out when the player’s head goes outside the game boundaries, can be quite jarring. Navigating small spaces like air vents can be difficult, as well. With a lack of interactivity in the environment, there are items that can be seen but not used until instructed by the radio.

Audience Reception and Our Verdict

Overall, Jurassic World Aftermath is a good game that may appeal more to fans of the films. Its unambitious design and basic gameplay make it hard to maintain interest. The game has a short running time and little reason for replayability.

Though polished and faithful to the source material, it ultimately falls short of holding players’ attention. Fan appeal is limited, as the game lacks the dino horror elements present in the original Jurassic Park film. With no real threat and no depth to the puzzles, the game simply goes through the motions.

Jurassic World Aftermath receives a score between 5 and 6 out of 10 in different media, with the potential for fans to add a point or two based on their personal enjoyment.


In conclusion, Jurassic World Aftermath is a visually impressive and faithful adaptation of the films, but its unambitious design and basic gameplay prevent it from being a truly great experience. Those looking for a thrilling and immersive Jurassic Park adventure may find some enjoyment in the game, but its lack of depth ultimately holds it back from reaching its full potential.

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