Labyrinthine patch 02.05.2024 review

The Labyrinthine Update – A Guide to the Latest Changes in Your Favorite Maze Game

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Hello maze dwellers! In the latest update in Labyrinthine, developers have introduced several new features and changes aimed at improving the player experience, especially for those who found certain chapters challenging. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and how it can enhance your gameplay.

Spray Paint: A Creative Solution to Navigation

The addition of spray paint is a significant update for players who struggled with navigation in chapters 4 and 6. The developers initially tried to improve the situation with quality-of-life enhancements like different colored lights and paint splashes, but these measures were not enough. The new spray paint item allows players to create their own system of markings, giving them the freedom to navigate the maze in a way that makes sense to them. The spray can come in four colors, accessible by holding the right click or the relevant VR controller button. Players can also choose from eight different symbols to cycle through using the right click or VR controller button. For desktop players, sprays can be rotated by holding the left click and moving the mouse or using the scroll wheel before spraying. VR players can rotate their hands freely to achieve the same effect. Each spray can contain 50 uses and can be found at the start of chapters 4 and 6 or purchased in the case files shop for tickets. This new tool is expected to unleash players’ creativity and help them conquer the more perplexing sections of the game.

Chapter 1 Puzzle Change: A Smoother Introduction

The iconic tiles puzzle in Chapter 1 has been replaced to make the initial chapter less daunting and to facilitate a quicker transition into Chapter 2. This change addresses feedback from players who felt demoralized after getting stuck on the first puzzle. The new puzzle is simpler and more straightforward, involving the missing letters that players often overlooked, which led to difficulties with the cryptex. This adjustment is designed to welcome more players into the game who might have previously given up.

Quality of Life Improvements and Minor Changes

The update also includes a new crouch animation that not only looks better but also allows the player to crouch lower. Sprint drinks now have increased uses, and the end puzzle in Fog City has been modified for better VR interaction. Custom cases have been enhanced with the ability to manually select the number of monsters and to save the last used configuration. Additionally, the lowerable walls in Chapter 6 can now be operated by a single player in multiplayer mode, and several small improvements have been made to in-game animations and interactions for a less static feel. VR players now have access to the same color wheel as desktop players, further bridging the gap between different playing modes.

Bug Fixes

The update also addresses several bugs, including a potential fix for Windows Mixed Reality headsets that sometimes displayed blue lines on the screen borders, a fix for the mercy system that previously took into account repeated case retries, and a correction for the miner lantern cosmetic to point forwards. Some minor performance improvements have been made, and a bug that prevented VR players from changing their characters has been fixed.

Blog and Plushies

In other news, the pigman plushies from the campaign have started to arrive for those who ordered them. Additionally, the December blog from Valko Game Studios provides insights into the game’s development and the new game they are working on. Players are encouraged to check out the blog for more information.

Community Engagement

The developers are eager to hear feedback and suggestions from the community. Players are invited to join the Valko Games Official Discord to share their thoughts on the update and engage with the developers and other players.

This update reflects the developers’ commitment to improving the player experience and addressing community feedback. With these new features and fixes, players can look forward to a more enjoyable and less frustrating journey through the game’s mazes.

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