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Legendary Tales 1.0 Release Delayed: An Update from Urban Wolf Games

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Urban Wolf Games, the creators of the VR action role-playing game Legendary Tales, have announced a delay in the release of the game’s 1.0 version. The team had initially targeted a release date on the 23rd of December, 2023, but unforeseen challenges have led to a postponement.

Reasons for the Delay

The delay in the release of Legendary Tales 1.0 is due to several reasons.

Firstly, the company’s lead artist left due to personal reasons, causing a delay in all graphical plans by over two months. The team is still struggling with the handover process, and the graphic artist is working tirelessly to catch up.

Also, Urban Wolf Games is currently embroiled in a global trademark dispute. A major movie publisher has claimed that the game’s name, ‘Legendary Tales’, infringes on their trademark. This dispute has consumed a significant amount of time and resources.

А few critical bugs related to network play, a new feature in the game, were discovered at the beginning of the month. The team decided not to introduce this feature until it is fully functional and bug-free.

Lastly, even if the aforementioned issues were resolved, the release date would still be pushed back for reasons that will be disclosed later.

Nеw Developments

Despite the delay, the team has been working on several new features and improvements. They have introduced a new game mode, Challenge Mode, which is currently being tested by their most dedicated players. In this mode, enemies are stronger in all aspects, and they could drop over 50+ items as reward. The Challenge Mode can be opted into alongside the Perma-Death Mode.

The team has also improved enemy animations, with some enemies now using left-handed weapons. This change has added depth to the fighting experience. Additionally, some enemies now perform combo attacks that players must parry.

Urban Wolf Games has introduced Honor Points, which players can earn by defeating Named Monsters. These points can be used to purchase Player Titles and Item Titles for crafted items.

The team has added 33 new skills related to Legendary Items, bringing the total number of skills in Legendary Tales to over 140. These new skills can be unlocked and upgraded using Honor Points.

Other new features include the introduction of a new Legendary Weapon called ‘Methuselah’, an item re-roll feature, and Room Quests or mini-games. The game will also support multiple languages, including English, Japanese, German, and Korean.

Future Plans

Urban Wolf Games plans to make another announcement in February 2024 or earlier, which may include the release date for Legendary Tales 1.0. The team is working hard to release the game as soon as possible without compromising on quality. They also plan to stop selling the Early Access version of the game once the 1.0 release date is set to protect the profits of early access supporters.

Despite the challenges, the team at Urban Wolf Games remains committed to completing the development of Legendary Tales. They are determined to deliver the best possible version of the game, regardless of the circumstances.

In the words of the team, “We’re in the endgame now. There was no other way.” The team extends their gratitude to their supporters and wishes everyone happy holidays.


Developers from Urban Wolf Games Inc. have revealed the latest improvements to the much-anticipated game Legendary Tales. Despite the delay, this promises to be a remarkable VR game and a must-play one.

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