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Legendary Tales: Delayed Sale Kickoff Accompanied by Significant Updates

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In an exciting turn of events for fans of the virtual reality game Legendary Tales, the developers have announced a series of significant updates and a special sale, a month after the game’s initial launch. This announcement comes as a delightful surprise for the game’s community, which has been eagerly engaging with the game since its release.

Legendary Tales – basic overview

Legendary Tales is a VR action role-playing game that supports up to 4 player co-op. Players collect items, enhance their abilities, and navigate through ever-changing dungeons to create their own legendary tales. The game features a variety of weapons, spellcasting, and the ability to forge weapons, offering a tactile and interactive combat experience reminiscent of games like Skyrim.

New Updates and Features

The developers have introduced an entirely new skill tree set, featuring 14 new skills specifically designed for players who prefer Hybrid characters. This update is a response to the feedback from players who desired more flexibility in character builds but felt limited by the game’s initial system. The addition of these new skills is expected to enhance the gameplay experience by allowing players to explore almost unlimited combinations of Stats, Skills, and Items, thereby enriching their imaginative engagement with the game.

In addition to the new skills, Legendary Tales now supports six more languages: Italian, French, Portuguese-Brazil, Spanish, Polish, and Czech, on both Steam and PSVR2 platforms. This expansion in language support is a testament to the game’s growing international community and the developers’ commitment to making the game accessible to a wider audience.

Another significant update is the introduction of entire Female costume sets, including 6 armors and 6 helms. This addition not only diversifies the game’s aesthetic options but also reflects the developers’ dedication to inclusivity and player choice.

Special Sale Announcement

To the delight of many fans, the developers have announced a 20% sale on Steam. This sale comes as a gesture of goodwill, as the developers were unable to set a release sale due to Steam’s policy restrictions. The sale presents an excellent opportunity for new players to join the Legendary Tales community and for existing players to gift the game to friends.

Looking Forward

As the game’s developer, BJ, prepares to attend the GDC in the USA, the community can expect a brief pause in updates. However, this event also promises the potential for new opportunities and developments for Legendary Tales in the future.

The recent updates and the special sale mark a significant milestone in the journey of Legendary Tales. The developers’ commitment to responding to community feedback, expanding the game’s accessibility, and continuously enhancing the gameplay experience is evident. As players dive back into the world of Legendary Tales, they can look forward to exploring new possibilities, crafting their unique builds, and experiencing the game in new languages.

With all these updates and the ongoing sale, now is the perfect time for both new and returning players to explore the evolving world of Legendary Tales and create their own legendary tales.

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