Gorilla Tag tips for beginners

Mastering Gorilla Tag: Essential Tips for Beginners

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Hey there, future Gorilla Tag pros! If you’ve just picked up the game and find yourself getting tagged more often than you’d like, don’t worry—you’re not alone. Here’s a guide packed with tips and tricks to help you improve your game and start dominating the jungle.

Move Efficiently in Gorilla Tag: Running with Hands Parallel to the Ground

One common mistake beginners make is bouncing too much while moving. This slows you down because when you’re in the air, you’re not moving forward. Instead, keep your hands parallel to the ground and pull yourself forward as if you’re dragging the ground behind you. This keeps you grounded and moving quickly. Think of it as pulling yourself forward rather than pushing against the ground. Keep your hands slanted to maintain forward momentum.

Mastering the Wall Run

Learning to wall run is crucial for evading tags and reaching high places. Start with simple vertical wall running before attempting more advanced techniques like Lucio running. Find a corner where two walls meet at an angle (like a triangle), such as the area behind the stump. Stand next to the wall and move your hands left and right, slightly upwards, mimicking Frozone from The Incredibles when he creates ice. This will help you move vertically up the wall.

Perfecting Your Jumps

Jumps are essential in Gorilla Tag for dodging tags and moving quickly through the environment. Practice jumping with precision by using quick, controlled arm movements. The key is to push off firmly with both hands at the same time, aiming for a low, forward trajectory rather than a high arc. This will help you maintain speed and control.

Utilizing the Environment

Your environment is your best friend in Gorilla Tag. Learn to use trees, walls, and other structures to your advantage. Climbing trees can give you a high vantage point, allowing you to spot incoming taggers and plan your escape. Practice jumping between branches to stay off the ground and keep moving. Walls can be used not just for wall running but also for quick changes in direction, making it harder for taggers to predict your movements.

Joining a Team

One of the best ways to improve quickly is by joining a team. Teams often have training programs and experienced players who can help you refine your skills. Look for teams by searching for Gorilla Tag competitive communities online. Joining a Discord server for these communities can connect you with recruitment channels where teams look for new players. Being part of a team not only helps you improve but also provides a supportive community.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Join a Team Even If I’m Not Good?

Absolutely! Many teams are willing to accept and train new players. The Gorilla Tag community is generally very welcoming and helpful. You may not start in the top tier, but with training, you can improve quickly.

How Can I Improve Once I Get Better?

Watching YouTube tutorials and gameplay from experienced players can provide valuable insights. Copying the moves of top players in leagues can help you refine your techniques. Regular practice and watching others play are key to continuous improvement.

What Should I Avoid?

void being toxic. Toxic behavior can annoy other players and lead to getting kicked off teams. Stay positive and respectful to maintain a good reputation in the community.

Advanced Techniques

Branch Hopping: This technique involves jumping from branch to branch without touching the ground. It’s an excellent way to stay mobile and avoid being tagged. Practice this by finding a densely populated tree area and moving quickly between branches.

Speed Boosting: Use rapid, short arm movements to gain speed. The faster you can move your arms, the faster your gorilla will move. This is particularly useful for escaping taggers in a pinch.

Predictive Movement: Try to anticipate the movements of the taggers. By predicting their paths, you can make more strategic decisions about where to move next. This involves a lot of quick thinking and situational awareness.


By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top player in Gorilla Tag. Remember, everyone starts as a beginner, but with practice and determination, you can master the game. So get out there, start playing, and most importantly, have fun!

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