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In an exciting development for fans of the Medieval Dynasty series and VR enthusiasts alike, Spectral Games has announced the launch of “Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement,” a virtual reality spin-off that promises to immerse players in the challenges and intricacies of medieval life. Scheduled for release on March 28, the game is currently available for pre-order, offering a 16% discount and an exclusive Hunter Skin Pack as incentives.

Medieval Dynasty VR – short overview

Medieval Dynasty VR is a standalone virtual reality game that offers a unique blend of survival, crafting, and community management set in a medieval world. Unlike a simple port of the original Medieval Dynasty game, this VR version introduces a new adventure with a new hero and new terrain, aiming to provide a more immersive experience. Developed through a collaboration between Render Cube and Spectral Games, the game is designed to maintain the essence and original vision of Medieval Dynasty while implementing it in a much more immersive way. For instance, players will need to perform physical movements with a virtual axe to chop down trees, adding a layer of realism to the gameplay. The game is described as a mix of Green Hell VR and A Township Tale, offering its own unique feel. It is set to be available on Quest 2, SteamVR, and PSVR 2, with a focus on optimizing graphics and gameplay for the VR environment. The release date for Medieval Dynasty VR is March 28th, 2024.

A Fresh Perspective on Survival and Dynasty Building

“Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement” is not just a mere adaptation but a complete overhaul designed with VR immersion at its core. According to Paweł Sobik, CEO of Spectral Games, the game invites players to the Green Valley as newcomers fleeing their past, tasked with establishing a new life and settlement. This VR survival game blends over 20 hours of adventure storyline with a sandbox mode, allowing players to engage in the game as long as they wish to see their dynasty flourish.

Distinctive VR Gameplay Mechanics

Transitioning from the original game’s point-and-click interface, the VR version introduces physical interactions for a more engaging experience. Players will find themselves physically swinging axes to cut down trees and bending down to scoop water, enhancing the sense of immersion. Despite the limitations of the Meta Quest’s standalone device, the team has crafted a new plot and map, ensuring both newcomers and veterans of the flatscreen version will find something fresh and exciting.

Optimization Challenges and Future Plans

Optimizing the game for a mobile chipset presented significant challenges, particularly in creating a visually dense forest while maintaining a smooth frame rate. Sobik detailed the technical efforts to optimize the game, including the use of Application SpaceWarp and custom grass rendering technology. Looking ahead, the team is committed to enhancing the game based on community feedback, with plans for Quest 3 enhancements, additional language support, and the introduction of new mechanics and DLCs. A highly requested co-op mode is also in the works, promising to bring a new dimension to the game’s VR experience.

A New Level of Immersion and Community Engagement

“Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement” introduces novel elements such as a climbing mechanic, offering players unprecedented levels of VR immersion. Sobik expressed excitement about the game’s adventure mode, which includes thrilling climbing sequences and endgame quests. The game aims to cater to both sim fans and survival enthusiasts, with adjustable sandbox mode settings to suit different playstyles.

As the game approaches its launch, the team at Spectral Games is eager to receive player feedback and continue improving the VR experience. They encourage the community to share their thoughts and ideas through social media and their dedicated Discord channel.

With “Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement,” Spectral Games is set to redefine the VR gaming landscape, offering a rich and immersive medieval life simulator that promises to captivate players for hours on end.

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