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Meta Horizon Worlds – January Updates

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Meta has kicked off 2024 with the release of Meta Horizon Worlds v144, a relatively lightweight update that brings several quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to the platform.

Quality of Life Improvements

The update introduces changes that enhance the user experience, particularly for creators. Grabbable objects with the Player Only collision configuration will no longer push people around. Additionally, creators can now make objects, including projectile launcher objects, that can be grabbed but don’t collide with other scene objects.

Bug Fixes

Meta Horizon Worlds v144 also addresses several bugs that were affecting the user experience.

In the general category, a bug that caused the video player to move when the viewer moved their head has been fixed.

For creators, several issues have been resolved. These include a bug where the center of mass icon on an object remained visible in Preview mode, an issue where UI panels in Edit mode couldn’t be moved multiple times without taking your hand off the panel in between moves, and a bug where the icon above the spawn point in some worlds was visible and interactive in Preview mode.

Known Issues

Despite the improvements and fixes, there are still some known issues that the Worlds team is currently investigating. One of these is that when people leave a world, their previous location still collides with other people in that world.

Meta has also released a piece of huge news: In a groundbreaking move, Grammy-nominated artist Doja Cat is set to bring her electrifying ‘The Scarlet Tour’ to the virtual reality (VR) stage. The immersive concert experience, titled ‘Doja Cat: The Scarlet Tour in VR’, will premiere on Saturday, January 20, at 5:00 pm PT in Meta Horizon Worlds’ Music Valley.

The VR concert is a collaboration between Doja Cat, Meta, and The Diamond Bros, who directed and produced the event. 

The concert was filmed at the sold-out Detroit stop of Doja Cat’s debut arena tour, ‘The Scarlet Tour’.

The virtual reality experience promises to deliver a front-row seat to fans, immersing them in the energy and intensity of the live show. 

The concert will feature Doja Cat’s hits, including “Paint The Town Red,” “Agora Hills,” “Woman,” and more, performed with a full band and accompanied by pyrotechnics. 

A unique element of the show is a gigantic spider that will loom above Doja Cat during her performance.

Josh Diamond, Director and Executive Producer at The Diamond Bros, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “Doja Cat’s dynamic performance and stage design seemed almost purpose-built for VR”. 

He added that the immersive show direction and unique triangular stage made the concert an unforgettable experience.

Doja Cat echoed this sentiment, saying, “Bringing The Scarlet Tour to life was an amazing experience for me. Taking it from an idea to real life and sharing that with my fans at arenas was surreal and rewarding”.

She further added that the VR concert is a perfect way for fans who did not get to attend a show to feel like they did.

The VR concert will be free for Quest headset owners and guarantees a front-row seat, fully immersed in all the action of the show.

For those unable to join the event when it starts, replays will be available for another couple of weeks in Meta Horizon Worlds after the concert.

Wrap it up

The Meta Horizon Worlds v144 update is a step forward in improving the user experience, particularly for creators. While it may be a lightweight update, it addresses several important issues and continues Meta’s commitment to refining and enhancing its platform. As we move further into 2024, users can likely expect further updates and improvements to come.

This innovative approach to concerts is set to change the game for experiencing favorite artists’ performances, offering a unique blend of reality and imagination, complete with cutting-edge visuals and beats. 

Fans can RSVP now to get reminders about this can’t-miss free event

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