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The latest update for Meta Horizon Worlds, version 163, has been released

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Meta Horizon Worlds v163 is here! This week, the developers are rolling out a number of quality of life improvements, including a new feature we’re testing that lets you toggle nametags on/off when recording a video or taking a photo in Worlds, plus new content descriptors added to world details pages and an update to the Poll to Remove feature. Let’s jump in!

Quality of Life Improvements


  • Gallery Loading Speed: Meta made some improvements to how fast the gallery loads so that you can quickly access your photos and videos in Worlds (and share them with your friends).
  • Toggle Nametags: They’re beginning to test a new, highly-requested feature that lets you toggle nametags on/off when recording video or taking photos in Worlds! Since this is still in testing, this new functionality won’t be available to everyone at this time.
  • For people who are part of the test, when you open the camera to record a video or take a picture, there will now be a new icon under the landscape/portrait button to toggle nametags on/off for anyone captured in the picture or video.
  • Tips:
    • Be sure to toggle nametags on/off before starting your recording or taking a picture.
    • The first time you open the camera, it will default to nametags “on,” but it will then retain the previously used settings for each subsequent usage.
    • When using the drone camera, nametags are automatically removed without the option to toggle them “on.”
  • Content Descriptors: New content descriptors are coming this week to make it easier for you to know what to expect about the content of a world before you visit. Look for the “This world contains” section on world details pages in the Meta Quest mobile app, in-headset, and on
  • Poll to Remove Update: If your Poll to Remove vote doesn’t go as planned, you’ll now be presented with the option to swap sessions and go to a different, public version of the world. This way, you can continue to enjoy a world away from an unwanted or disruptive encounter. Learn how to use Poll to Remove.
  • World Doors Update: We made some updates to world doors, including adding a new “View Details” button you can easily click to see information about the world before traveling through the door.


  • World Ratings Survey: Starting today, the first time you publish a world or the next time you republish a world, you’ll be asked to provide more details about the content of your world via a short survey. Your responses will help provide your world with a more accurate rating and will help populate content descriptors on your world details page.

Highlighted Bug Fixes


  • Mirror Gizmo Bug: We fixed a bug where interacting with the mirror gizmo made the camera focus on the wrong area on web and mobile.

Select Known Issues


  • Home World Invitation Error: When invited to another player’s home world, immediately after landing the player will get an error saying the host is no longer present (even if they are) and get kicked back to their home world.


  • Object Hierarchy Issue: When parenting or unparenting an object, if any interactive option is set, the hierarchy breaks and jumps in position.
  • Lighting Discrepancy: There’s different lighting between a published world and the world in Edit mode.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as devs continue to enhance your experience in Meta Horizon Worlds!

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds is an online virtual reality platform developed by Meta Platforms, designed for social interaction, gaming, and content creation. Initially launched in December 2021 for Meta Quest VR headsets, it allows users to explore various virtual worlds, attend live events, and engage in multiplayer games. Users can create and customize their avatars, build their own virtual spaces, and interact with others in a 3D environment. The platform has expanded to include web and mobile access, although it remains primarily VR-focused. Horizon Worlds features integrated tools for creating immersive experiences, including scripting, animation, and physics effects, and supports a growing community of creators and users.

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