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New updates in Meta Horizon Worlds with v135

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Meta Horizon Worlds received a new patch v135, which promises accurately functioning voice settings and improved misfiring of event triggers. Plus, Meta has a pleasant surprise for all sports fans, who will have access not only to the NBA but also to MMA live games and additional content.

Bug Fixes

The new updates include removing a common issue Meta Horizon Worlds users would have regarding the “Nearby” or “People you know” voice setting. Before, others would not be able to hear you when turning those settings on, but now this inconvenience is fixed.

The other bug fix concerns app creators – if a player disconnects or enters safe mode, the OnPlayerEnterAFK event will be activated.

Meta Horizon Worlds welcomes UFC Journey

On November 10th, Meta will launch UFC Journey in Worlds. With a 180-degree screen, you’ll be able to watch live and past fights as if you were right in the ring. You could also test your skills in striking, blocking, and coordination with various games. As you progress and earn points, you’ll work your way up to Hall-of-Famer status and unlock exclusive rewards. Plus, you get to connect with friends and other UFC fans to share your love of the sport.

Meta’s VR sports endeavors

Not too long ago, Meta also announced an extended partnership with the NBA, which would enable Meta Horizon Worlds users to watch all 52 live games in a 180-degree environment. Basketball fans could also purchase desired merchandise pieces from the platform, which is a great way for both Meta and the League to gain more profits and popularity among VR users.

Both NBA Arena and UFC Journey have become Meta’s sports starter pack, which is expected to be expanded in the near future. It seems that Meta has received a lot of positives from partnering up with these major sports leagues. This effort to promote VR products and experiences through immersive sports events continues to gain commercial success for all involved parties. If Worlds becomes the best hot spot for VR sports, then users could expect pending partnerships with leagues like the NHL and NFL. Undoubtedly, such collaborations would elevate the user experience in VR social apps and will definitely change the way people approach the attendance of sports events. It is important to keep in mind that although Meta Horizon Worlds is starting to become an it-social VR platform, not all headset owners have been interested in it. Thanks to the inclusion of live sports in the app, more people have started to explore its features and thus create a greater community. However, as of now, Meta’s main responsibility should be to keep up with the updates and to take user feedback into consideration before expanding its reserve of sports-related experiences.

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