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Meta Horizon Worlds v146 has been released

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Meta has released the latest update for its Horizon Worlds platform, version v.146, focusing primarily on bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. The update addresses several issues that users have been experiencing, including problems related to quests and wearables.

One of the key improvements in this update is the enhancement of the bug reporter’s screenshot quality. Previously, users reported that the screenshots taken when opening the bug reporter were blurry. This issue has now been resolved, ensuring that users can provide clear visual evidence when reporting bugs.

The update also includes several bug fixes. For instance, some users were unable to attach wearables and attachables to themselves, a problem that has now been rectified. Another issue that has been fixed is the spawning of infinite cameras until selfie cam storage permissions were confirmed. Additionally, the update addresses a bug where claiming the reward for a quest didn’t clear the notification that it had been earned. Other fixes include the correction of pink borders/no borders showing around photo frames in personal space and incorrect start and end dates showing on some limited-time-quests.

Despite these improvements, there are still some known issues that the Worlds team is currently investigating. One of these is that the sounds that are currently being played are inaudible for new players joining the world. Creators are also experiencing issues with scrolling and searching in the Create tab, which results in an “Unable to load content” error. Furthermore, there’s a bug where testers of a world are unable to travel to it in Edit mode.

Last week, Meta released some assets in the asset library that aren’t currently usable by all creators. These assets have been rolled back, and the company hopes to bring them to the community in a more meaningful way in the future. Meta has apologized for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

The company continues to work on improving the Horizon Worlds platform, and users can expect more updates and improvements in the future.

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