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Release Notes for Meta Horizon Worlds Version 161

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Meta has rolled out the latest update for Horizon Worlds, version 161, introducing significant quality of life improvements and bug fixes aimed at enhancing the user experience both in and out of virtual worlds. This update, detailed on the Meta Quest blog on May 9, 2024, marks a notable advancement in the platform’s functionality, particularly for web and mobile users.

Quality of Life Enhancements

One of the standout features of the v161 update is the introduction of a new holstering system for web and mobile platforms. This innovative system allows users to carry multiple items simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them, significantly improving the gameplay and exploration experience in Horizon Worlds. Mobile users will find a new “Holster” button on their screen, which displays all grabbable items attached to their avatar, making it easier to manage inventory on the go. Web users, on the other hand, can quickly access their holster menu by pressing ‘Z’ and can use the number keys 1 – 6 for even faster item switching, bypassing the menu altogether.

General Improvements and Experiments

The update also brings general improvements and introduces several experiments aimed at refining the Horizon Worlds experience. Notably, the “Save” button on the Edit Profile page is now disabled when no changes have been made, streamlining the user interface. Among the experiments, Meta is testing the display of a world’s key art in link previews instead of the generic Horizon logo, providing a more personalized and visually appealing preview when sharing world links. Additionally, an on-screen indication of the microphone status will help users avoid accidental audio broadcasts, and new icon sizes in the main menu are designed to allow users to browse more worlds at once.

Highlighted Bug Fixes

The v161 update addresses several bugs that have affected users’ experience. For web and mobile platforms, an issue where pressing the interaction key (‘E’) would exit focused mode when a text input was highlighted has been fixed. The update also corrects a problem where sprinting altered the camera field of view, even with a scripted camera active, and improves avatar rotation in fixed camera views for a more natural movement.

Addressing Known Issues

Meta is actively investigating and working to resolve known issues, including errors when invited to another player’s home world and discrepancies in audio volume based on camera placement rather than avatar location. These efforts underscore Meta’s commitment to continuously improving Horizon Worlds and addressing community feedback.


The v161 update to Meta Horizon Worlds represents a significant step forward in enhancing the virtual reality experience for users across web and mobile platforms. With the introduction of the new holstering system, general improvements, and bug fixes, Meta continues to refine its VR social hub, making it more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable for its growing community. As Meta Horizon Worlds evolves, these updates are crucial in shaping the future of virtual reality interactions and social connections.

Meta Horizon Worlds

Meta Horizon Worlds is a social virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Meta Platforms Inc., formerly known as Facebook. It allows users to explore, create, and share immersive virtual experiences in a 3D environment. Users can engage in a variety of activities, including multiplayer gaming, attending virtual concerts, and collaborating on creative projects. The platform offers a suite of tools for content creation, enabling users to design their own VR worlds using pre-built components such as code blocks, sounds, and animation effects. Horizon Worlds emphasizes community and collaboration, allowing users to work together in real-time to build and customize their virtual spaces. It was launched publicly in the United States and Canada in December 2021 for users aged 18 and above, accessible via Meta Quest VR headsets. Meta has also introduced a $10 million USD Creator Fund to support developers and designers on the platform, alongside implementing safety features and a code of conduct to ensure a secure environment for its users.

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