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Meta introduces Horizon Season, Horizon Central and Jack Harlow debuts a VR event in Horizon Worlds

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As Meta Horizon Worlds continues to be a great investment for Meta, the company is making sure they pump up the platform with a well-thought-out selection of experiences to gain more users. This winter season Meta has put in the effort to provide its Meta Horizon users with a bunch of intriguing entertainment events.

Meta Horizon welcomes Jack Harlow to the VR music stage

The aspiring American rapper Jack Harlow will mark its debut on the VR music thanks to Meta Horizon. The event is set to premiere on the platform this upcoming January 4th. Fans of this music star will experience a VR concert from the front row, dance, and sing along to popular tracks like “First Class” and “Loving on Me”. A special documentary will also be included in the event – you’ll have access to behind-the-scenes material of Harlow’s tour in his very own home state of Kentucky.

Horizon Central – the new VR social hub

Horizon World is set to welcome a new addition to its platform – Horizon Central, which is marketed as the next great VR social hub. It depicts a small town center, which allows you to browse for different worlds. Users will be able to hang out with friends, meet new people, explore new worlds, and complete different quests. Meta has stated that the worlds available in Central will be regularly updated, which would give players a myriad of activities to engage in. That’s why it’s advised to check the platform more frequently for those updates.

Horizon Season has a lot of activities to offer this Holiday season

Horizon Seasons will also introduce an abundance of seasonal updates and VR events. This year, users can expect an exciting lineup of all types of immersive experiences, live concerts, sports events, and social games.

For instance, Super Rumble is about to include 20 more quests and a new reward system. In addition to that, there will be a redesign of the Super Net and updated artillery of weapons. All of the mentioned improvements will be available from December 20th.

Many live music shows will also be streamed. Blackpink, the world-renowned K-pop group, will have an exclusive VR event on December 26. A bunch of other artists like Louis the Child and Santa Fe Klan will also take the VR stage on Meta Horizon.

Live sports events will be available for users to watch during the colder months – from NBA games to UFC Fight Pass events.

Must see VR events on Meta Horizon this winter

We have taken the liberty to share every Meta Horizon event we’re excited to view this winter season. Of course, it would be hard not to pass the Jack Harlow concert – this guy’s performances are entertainingly contagious. If there is one person who’d be able to move VR events to first-class quality, that would be him. Get it?

Apart from Harlow, we can’t wait to see Jorja Smith (January 15) and Alec Benjamin’s (February 5) live VR concerts. We’re interested in seeing how Jorja’s R&B tracks and Benjamin’s alt-pop performances will translate in a VR environment.

Since Meta has partnered with Just for Laughs, we’ll definitely tune in every Wednesday for anyone’s comedy special.

Our team would highly recommend the mentioned VR events as we’re sure they’re going to deliver an exciting experience that will be heavily elevated by the immersion of VR tech.

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