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Meta Quest removes the option to cast using Chromecast directly from their devices

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Meta, the company behind the popular virtual reality headset Meta Quest, has reportedly removed the feature that allowed users to cast their VR gameplay directly to a Chromecast-enabled TV. This change has been confirmed by official documentation stating that “Chromecast is not fully supported with Meta Quest”.

Instead of casting directly to a Chromecast-enabled TV, Meta now recommends a two-step process. Users are first required to access the Meta Quest app on their smartphone or tablet. Once the gameplay casting appears on the device, Meta then suggests mirroring the device’s display to a larger screen of the user’s choice.

While this new process adds several steps to what used to be a straightforward casting process, it does come with a few advantages. Casting to the Meta Quest app allows VR players to take screenshots and record videos, a feature that was disabled when casting directly to a Chromecast.

Moreover, this method allows Meta Quest headsets to cast gameplay on a wider range of devices, including Apple, Samsung, and Miracast devices, instead of being limited to Google Chromecasts.

Despite these benefits, the change has been met with frustration from some users, who found the direct casting feature to be a key aspect of the Meta Quest experience and also bought the Chromecast app. Others express their frustration with the way Chromecast works and the amount of time they spend trying to set it up without a positive outcome. In any case, this decision will have its supporters and critics. There is also a group of people who have shared on Reddit that their Chromecast still works, but that will prevent them from updating their meta-quest gear any further.

Many users describe streaming as one of the biggest weaknesses of VR and one of the main reasons for its rate of growth.

Overall, the changes could be driven by several different reasons, like: backend issues, security issues, team or devs supporting it axed, accidentally, some regression issues, or Google disputes.

The reasons behind Meta’s decision to remove this feature remain unclear, leaving users with questions about whether this is a temporary move or a long-term strategy.

It’s worth noting that the new casting method seems to be more reliable than direct Chromecasting, which was prone to crashing randomly.

As of now, Meta has not provided a detailed explanation for this change. Until further clarification is provided, users are advised to use the new casting method via the Meta Quest app.

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