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Meta Quest Headset Revives Chromecast Screen Casting Function

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Meta Quest series users can once again share their virtual reality (VR) experiences on TV, thanks to the return of the Chromecast screen casting function. This feature, which was removed from Meta Quest 3 devices in December 2023, has been reinstated due to popular demand. The screen casting function allows players to cast the game screen of the Quest headset to Chromecast or other devices that support Google Cast, enabling others to partake in the excitement of the VR world.


The removal of the Chromecast screen casting function disappeared just before Christmas and primarily affected Quest 3 devices updated to the v60 version. The lack of official communication from Meta led to confusion and frustration among users, with many taking to social media platforms to voice their concerns. Users on Reddit reported that Chromecast had disappeared from the screen casting menu following the update. However, many Quest 2 devices and other accounts retained the feature.

The disappearance of Chromecast casting, which had always been a part of the Quest headset alongside other options like Miracast, was confirmed by Meta on its official support page for Quest screencasting. The page stated, “The compatibility between Chromecast and Meta Quest is not perfect,” confirming that the removal was not accidental. It was only after a comment from Mark Rabkin, Vice President of VR at Meta, that it was confirmed that Meta had indeed removed the option for stability and reliability reasons.

Meta’s smartphone companion App began suggesting that users first cast the VR screen to their phone and then transfer it to the Chromecast device through the phone’s mirroring function. This change hinted at a waning support for native Chromecast screen casting from Meta.

Chromecast Screen Casting Returns

Meta clarified that the feature was not being phased out, but rather, the company was working to improve performance and compatibility issues

However, users on the r/OculusQuest subreddit and Meta Chat, the official community forum, have reported that the Chromecast functionality has returned following a recent software update. 

The update, which carries the firmware number, appears to have been rolled out last week.

Users of both the Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets have confirmed the return of the feature.

Meta’s VR headsets, starting with the original Oculus Quest, have been able to project VR game images onto flat screens such as TVs or smartphones. This feature allows people without a headset to see what players are experiencing in the VR world.

Meta’s official documentation still states that the Chromecast screen casting function is not fully supported.

Pros and Cons of Chromecast Screen Casting

Chromecast screen casting offers several advantages, including compatibility with a wide range of devices, stability, group play, and a familiar interface for users. However, it also has its drawbacks, such as limited compatibility with certain devices or apps, potential lag, and the complexity of setting up Chromecast casting.

Alternative Methods for Casting Content

In response to the removal of the Chromecast screen casting function, users have explored alternative methods for casting content. These include casting to a phone and then mirroring the content to a TV or monitor, casting content to a computer using the Oculus app or other third-party software, and sideloading apps like Airdroid to enable casting from Chromecast-enabled apps to the Oculus Quest headset.

Meta community manager Ryanality recommends that players first cast the headset screen to a mobile phone or PC and then mirror it to a Chromecast, rather than casting directly from the headset.


While the Chromecast screen casting function has been a popular feature of the Oculus Quest headset, its removal led users to explore alternative methods for casting content. However, the feature is now back, albeit with a caveat from Meta that compatibility is not perfect. Despite this, the return of the Chromecast screen casting function is a welcome development for Meta Quest users.

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