Meta Quest June summer sales off up to 75%

Meta Quest Launches Sizzling Summer Sale with Discounts up to 75% Off

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As the summer solstice heats up, Meta Quest is turning up the excitement with its highly anticipated June Sale. From June 20 until June 30 at 11:59 PM PT, virtual reality enthusiasts can dive into a treasure trove of discounts on hundreds of titles across the Meta Quest Store, with savings reaching up to an impressive 75% off.

This limited-time event presents an excellent opportunity for both newcomers and seasoned VR gamers to expand their digital libraries or explore new experiences at significantly reduced prices. The sale encompasses a wide range of popular titles and genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

While the full list of discounted titles is extensive, some notable games participating in the sale include:

  1. Among Us VR
  2. Demeo
  3. I Expect You To Die 3
  4. Into The Radius
  5. Moss II
  6. Red Matter 2
  7. Resident Evil 4
  8. Superhot VR
  9. Walkabout Mini Golf

In addition to individual game discounts, Meta Quest is offering specially curated bundles, allowing users to build out their VR libraries with complementary titles at even greater savings.

For those who have been considering diving into the world of virtual reality, this sale presents an ideal opportunity. The Meta Quest platform, known for its standalone VR capabilities and wireless design, has been praised for its versatility and user-friendly experience.

It’s worth noting that while the Meta Quest 3 is the latest offering from the company, the Meta Quest 2 remains a popular and more affordable option for those looking to enter the VR space. With the current sale, the value proposition for both new and existing users becomes even more attractive.

To take advantage of these summer savings, interested buyers can visit the Meta Quest Store or The discounts will be automatically applied at checkout, with no need for special codes or coupons.

As with most sales events, this offer cannot be combined with other discounts and is not valid on prior purchases.

Superhot VR

Superhot VR is a unique and immersive first-person shooter (FPS) game that has been redesigned specifically for virtual reality. The game is renowned for its innovative gameplay mechanic where time moves only when the player moves, creating a distinctive and strategic experience. This mechanic allows players to navigate through a series of intense combat scenarios, dodging bullets, disarming enemies, and returning fire in a highly stylized, minimalist environment.

The VR adaptation of Superhot enhances the original experience by leveraging the immersive capabilities of VR technology, making every gesture and movement crucial to survival. Players are placed in various scenarios where they must think tactically and act swiftly to overcome waves of enemies. The game is celebrated for its challenging yet rewarding gameplay, which tests the player’s reflexes and strategic thinking.

Superhot VR has received critical acclaim for its innovative design and engaging gameplay, making it a standout title in the VR gaming landscape.

Among Us VR

Among Us VR is an immersive virtual reality adaptation of the popular party game Among Us. This multiplayer game brings the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal into a first-person, 3D environment.

In Among Us VR, players join a crew of 4-10 members aboard a spaceship, working together to complete tasks and maintain the vessel. However, one or more players are secretly designated as Impostors, whose goal is to sabotage the mission and eliminate the other crewmates without being detected.

The game takes place in virtual recreations of familiar Among Us maps, including the Skeld II and the new Polus Point. Players must navigate these environments, complete mini-games representing various tasks, and engage in emergency meetings to discuss and vote on potential Impostors.

Among Us VR has received critical acclaim, winning several awards for its innovative approach to VR gaming, including Unity’s Best AR/VR Game and the Webby Award for Best Social Gaming Experience in 2023. The game offers an engaging and suspenseful experience that combines strategy, deception, and social deduction in a uniquely immersive virtual setting.

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