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Meta Quest v62 Update: A Leap Forward in VR Experience

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Meta has unveiled its v62 software update for the Meta Quest series, marking one of the most significant upgrades in the platform’s history. This update, rolling out just before the Apple Vision Pro launch, introduces a suite of new features aimed at enhancing the user experience, including spatial video playback, improved gamepad support for the Meta Quest Browser, and more.

Introducing Spatial Video Playback

A highlight of the v62 update is the introduction of spatial video playback on Meta Quest. This feature allows users with an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max to upload spatial (stereoscopic) videos to their Meta Quest headset via the Meta Quest mobile app. These videos offer an immersive viewing experience with surprising depth, allowing users to relive their memories and media content in a whole new way. The content is converted for playback on Meta Quest hardware and stored in the cloud, accessible through the Files menu for an immersive viewing experience.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

The v62 update significantly enhances the gaming experience on Meta Quest. The Meta Quest Browser now supports external gamepads, including those from PlayStation and Xbox. This update also extends gamepad support to include PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controllers and PlayStation 4 DualShock, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth or USB-C. This improvement opens up a new realm of high-quality gaming experiences in VR, including popular titles like Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 through the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) App.

Live streaming and Social Features

Meta continues to expand its social features within the Quest ecosystem. Facebook livestreaming, initially introduced in a previous update, is now available to all Meta Quest users. This feature allows users to share their VR experiences in real time on Facebook. Additionally, YouTube livestreaming has been enhanced to display chat within the Meta Quest headset, enabling creators to engage with their audience while fully immersed in VR.

Simplified Interactions and Quality of Life Improvements

The v62 update introduces single-gesture quick actions, simplifying access to commonly used actions within the Meta Quest headset. Users can now perform actions such as showing and hiding the Universal Menu or recentering the display with simple pinches. This feature streamlines the user interface, making it more intuitive and accessible.

Furthermore, the update includes improvements to the Quest Link, now supporting up to 120Hz and hand and body tracking. For Quest Pro users, eye and face tracking data are also sent to the PC. Quest Link officially supports Nvidia 4000 series GPUs, enhancing the connectivity and performance of Meta Quest headsets when used with a PC.


The Meta Quest v62 update is a comprehensive enhancement to the Meta Quest platform, introducing features that enrich the user experience across entertainment, gaming, and social interaction. With spatial video playback, improved gamepad support, expanded live streaming capabilities, and simplified interactions, Meta Quest users are set to enjoy a more immersive and intuitive VR experience. As the update rolls out gradually, users are encouraged to keep their headsets updated to take full advantage of these exciting new features

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