Murder of Sherlock Holmes VR review

Murder of Sherlock Holmes Disappoints

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Genre: Adventure, Indie
Compatibility (headsets): PS VR2, Open XR, Meta Quest, Oculus Rift
Platforms: Steam Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel i5 4590 or AMD8350 or equivalent, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050ti/AMD Radeon RX450
Features: singleplayer
Release date: May 10, 2024
Developer: cKolmos narrative
Price: 9.99 $

The release of ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ on PSVR2 has received mixed reviews from gamers, with many expressing disappointment in the overall experience. Despite the concept of solving a murder mystery in the iconic 221 B Baker Street setting, the game has faced criticism for its limited gameplay depth, clunky mechanics, and high price point.

As discussions on its shortcomings gain traction, players are reevaluating their expectations for immersive virtual reality games.

Game Concept and Setting

‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ for PSVR2 places players in the iconic 221 B Baker Street setting, immersing them in a murder mystery narrative. The game’s core concept involves solving a murder in a single room, where progression hinges on opening a specific door.

The visuals are commendable, with decent lighting and resolution enhancing the overall experience. However, gameplay is limited to click turning and teleportation for movement, which may restrict player engagement.

Murder of Sherlock Holmes VR gameplay

Despite the intriguing setting and narrative, the game’s brevity and lack of content, featuring only one room, could leave players yearning for more. ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ offers a brief glimpse into the detective world, but its limitations may not fully satisfy those seeking a more immersive experience.

Gameplay Experience and Interaction

The gameplay experience in ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ for PSVR2 centers around solving puzzles and interacting with various elements within a single room. Players must navigate the space, open specific doors, access drawers, solve puzzles, and locate objects to unravel the murder mystery.

However, the interaction with items may lack consistency, impacting the immersive quality of the experience. Some objects found could mislead players as red herrings, adding complexity to the gameplay.

The sound design is limited, and the voice acting is subpar, detracting from the overall atmosphere. The mix of challenging and repetitive puzzles adds some variety to the gameplay, but issues in the mechanics can hinder the overall experience, diminishing the game’s appeal to players.

Duration and Content Evaluation

Evaluation of the duration and content in ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ indicates notable limitations that affect the gameplay experience. The game can be completed in under 30 minutes, offering a single room for exploration. While some puzzles pose a challenge, others may feel repetitive, diminishing replay value.

Despite featuring a variety of puzzles, the game may struggle to justify its price point due to the limited duration and content available. Players may find the overall experience underwhelming due to the brevity and lack of depth in the game.

Insufficient content and a brief gameplay duration detract from the enjoyment and value proposition of ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ on PSVR2.

Pricing and Value Analysis

The pricing disparity of ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ on PSVR2 compared to Quest and Steam platforms has sparked concerns regarding its value proposition.

Murder of Sherlock Holmes VR graphics

While the game is priced at $10 on Quest and Steam, it is priced at double the amount on PlayStation 5, prompting criticism for perceived overpricing relative to the content available.

Despite containing enjoyable puzzles, the title lacks substantial depth and replay value, leading some players to question the justification of its cost.

Many players believe that the developers may have set the price too high for the overall experience offered, suggesting that a lower price point could have enhanced the game’s appeal.


The overall rating of Murder of Sherlock Holmes is 2.14/5 from 14 reviews, considering the game is 3 weeks old. In Meta Store it has 4/5, but only from 3 votes, 2 of which have voted with 5 and one with 2.


To sum up, the ‘Murder of Sherlock Holmes’ game for PSVR2 fails to meet gamers’ expectations with its limited gameplay duration, lack of depth, and high price point.

Despite the intriguing concept of solving a murder in 221 B Baker Street, the execution falls short due to issues with gameplay mechanics, inconsistent item interactions, and a confined setting to a single room.

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