10 VRChat worlds you must visit overview

10 VRChat worlds that you must visit

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VRChat has an abundance of Worlds, which are over 25,000 in count, and are created by the community for all users to enjoy. As there are so many worlds to choose from, it may be hard to navigate where to begin. That’s why we’ve decided to make anyone’s choice much easier by creating a list of the best VRChat Worlds every VRChat user must visit.

Key Takeaways

  • VRChat offers a wide range of worlds to explore, each of which provides specific features and socializing opportunities.
  • Comfy and Sleepy Worlds provide peaceful and relaxing environments for users to escape and unwind, with a variety of settings and customizable features.
  • Photography and Exploration Worlds offer visually stunning and interactive experiences, such as underwater adventures and futuristic cityscapes.
  • Party Worlds provide a fun and immersive social experience, with cyberpunk-themed clubs and a variety of activities to enjoy with friends.

How do we choose the best VRChat Worlds?

In order to put together the ultimate selection of VRChat Worlds worth trying, we coordinated our choice with the following criteria:

  • Popularity and player count – the number of VRChat users joining a certain world is important when your main objective is to socialize and have a lot of fun playing games with more people. Therefore, the number of people online in a world defines how much you can make out of the experience.
  • Interactive elements – cooperating with others in a virtual setting like VRChat is essential for experiencing a true social life with other users. However, having more interactive elements that could help you not only communicate but practice leisure activities in VR is vital for sustaining any world’s efficiency and popularity among users.

We wanted to make sure the worlds we chose were easy to use and navigate while still offering an entertaining and immersive experience. We also wanted to find Worlds that are regularly updated, well-maintained, and have a diverse range of activities. If you want to check the different types of VRChat worlds, check this article:

Big AI’s Avatar Corridors

Big AI’s Avatar Corridors VRchat review

One of the most important steps when setting up your VRChat account is to create an avatar that embodies your personality and style. In order to gain inspiration and even save the look of an avatar you like, you’ll have to browse through different avatar worlds.

You’ll find over 200 avatars in Big AI’s Avatar Corridors, an absolute must-visit for any VRChat player. It’s a world of costumes and customizable avatars that you can try on and take home. Eye tracking and mouth movement are available for each avatar, giving you the chance to create a unique look.

From superheroes to animals, you’ll find something that fits your style. Plus, the sheer number of avatars available makes Big AI’s the perfect place to find something new and exciting.

Japan Shrine

Japan Shrine VRChat review

Sitting on a bench and spectating the beauty of petals falling down from cherry blossom trees is the springtime bucket-list activity everyone should be able to enjoy. Fortunately, VRChat users are privileged to try out the described experience from the comfort of their homes.

You can experience a tranquil Japanese shrine like no other in VRChat’s Japan Shrine. Soak in the serene atmosphere of cherry blossom season and take a break from reality. Enjoy the gentle blue sky and swaying of the trees, along with traditionally designed Japanese rooms.

The creator has unfortunately removed the original world, but luckily, several imitations are now available for users to enjoy.


Aquarium VRChat review

VRChat’s Aquarium world offers all users a virtual underwater adventure. You get to explore a variety of fish, manta rays, turtles, and more. The world features a comfortable viewing area with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you the perfect opportunity to admire the vibrant colors of the fish and other sea creatures.

You can also sit in the seating area and browse the Fishpedia to learn more about the animals. Plus, there are other rooms with stunning views and mesmerizing lighting and ambiance.

If you’re interested in marine life and photography, then the Aquarius world should be explored. You can relax and look at the underwater creatures or you can totally challenge yourself and take some impressive photos of the incredibly crafted visuals. The peaceful soundtrack and ambiance make the whole experience pleasant to enjoy for longer time periods.

Void Club

Void Club VRChat review

Dancing the night away at Void Club is a must-do for anyone looking for a virtual party experience. With its cyberpunk vibes and futuristic feel, it’s like stepping into a real-life club. You can either let loose to what the DJ plays or become the DJ yourself and see if the other partygoers approve of your choice of music.

The main dancefloor is perfect for cutting a rug, or you can head to one of the quieter rooms, where you can play beer pong, twister, and connect four. This makes it feel like an actual club – the hottest downtown spot everyone waits in line for on the weekends.

Bring a group of friends and get the most out of this world. Void Club is the perfect place to hang out, dance, and have a great time.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat VRChat review

The Black Cat offers two bars, a restaurant, several private venues, bathrooms, and two performance stages to make sure you’ve got everything you need. Whether you’re attending a VR theater performance, concert, lecture, symposium, or something else, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Plus, the world has been designed to be an event space in VR, making it ideal for connecting with your fans.

Thousands of people join this world, which makes it the perfect place for networking and learning more about people from all over the globe.

Putt Putt Quest

Putt Putt Quest VRChat review

Putt Putt Quest offers an 18-hole mini-golf course filled with Medieval-style windmills, castle ramparts, and other fantasy elements. Created by Ostinyo, it’s renowned for its creative level design and interactive gameplay.

You’ll find yourself immersed in the world as you navigate the challenging course with its varied obstacles. Plus, you can play solo or with friends, making it a great choice for everyone.

Although there are many VR golf games that offer more courses, Putt Putt Quest is VRChat’s most entertaining golf experience, which can also be played in desktop mode.

Kitchen Cooks!

Kitchen Cooks! VRChat review

Kitchen Cooks! is a game designed by Jar where players must complete orders in a timely fashion as customers stream through the door. Players have to master a variety of recipes and orders to survive the kitchen chaos. The game is constantly being updated, with new orders and recipes added.

Cooperative play is encouraged, so grab a friend and join the kitchen fun. The game is fast-paced, but offers a great challenge and encourages players to think quickly and work together.

Another perk of Kitchen Cooks! is that it receives updates fairly regularly, which makes the game harder by doubling the number of orders they’re tasked to complete. This makes this game always exciting and fun to play with others.
Here we have prepared a guide for you on How to cook in Kitchen Cooks! Make sure to check it out!

Midnight Rooftops

Midnight Rooftops VRChat review

Another great hangout world in VRChat is Midnight Rooftops, which, although small, accommodates thousands of users to interact in an ambient setting. This world has gained quite a bit of popularity, which is why many resort to it if in the mood to get to know other people.

In Midnight Rooftop, the players step into this starry night and immerse themselves in a hyper-realistic top-floor apartment. Every detail has been crafted with great care, from the exquisite design to the captivating cityscape.

You get to enjoy the gentle breeze and take in the breathtaking view. Midnight Rooftop is the perfect spot for engaging in intriguing conversations and creating unforgettable memories with newly found friends.


Devouring VRChat review

The Devouring is a 5-6 hour game designed for up to four players and is one of the best horror maps offered. Its quality resembles a PC game and also enables up to 4 players to take action together and thus make the game more exciting.

You start by heading on a road trip but crash and wake in a haunted house. As you explore, you find a note warning you not to leave. From there, the story intensifies with suspenseful storytelling, challenging puzzles, and immersive audio and visuals.

It’s only available for PC-tethered VR headsets, but the quality rivals a standalone game. You either play solo or enjoy the experience with friends.

Serenity Cove

Serenity Cove VRChat review

If you want to re-live the experience of being on the beach during golden hour, Serenity Cove is the one to make your wishes come true in virtual reality.

This dreamy VRChat world features a chilled soundtrack, warm neon lighting, and a perfect sunset. You can unwind by the fire pit, watch a movie in the beach hut, or take a rest in a hammock. Explore the waterfall and glowing caverns to get a taste of paradise.

Serenity Cove is a great world to forget all your worries, allow yourself to take a mental break, and let happiness take over the rest of your day.

Compatible with PC VR, Meta Quest 2, and desktop mode, Serenity Cove is a must-visit.


It’s easy to find a world in VRChat that suits your needs. Whether you want to be terrified, hang out with friends, explore a beautiful landscape, or solve puzzles, there’s something for everyone.

After looking at the most popular worlds and exploring our favorites, we can confidently say that VRChat offers some of the most unique and exciting virtual experiences around. People who own headsets must give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Headset Do I Need to Access VRChat Worlds?

You’ll need a PC-tethered headset, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, to access these virtual worlds.

Where can I find Anime Worlds in VRChat?

There are different worlds where you can find such avatars. Make sure to check out our guide on the best Anime Avatar Worlds in VRChat.

Are VRChat Worlds Suitable for All Ages?

No, while there are some experiences designed for younger players, it is important to be aware that there is some mature content in horror worlds that may not be suitable for all ages.

How Much Do VRChat Worlds Cost to Access?

Accessing worlds is totally free.

Are There Any Safety Features in Place Within VRChat Worlds?

Yes, you can easily block players, report them, and mute them. There are also moderators available to help you if you have any issues. Plus, you can customize the settings to make sure you feel safe and secure.

Is There a Way to Access VRChat Worlds Without a VR Headset?

Yes! You can access some VRChat Worlds without a VR headset. In fact, over 25% of VRChat’s users access the platform without a headset.

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