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New Updates for Z.O.N.A. Project X VR last weekend: Version 1.00.54 and Version 1.00.55

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In the last few days, developers from AGaming+ have launched two new updates for Z.O.N.A. Project X VR that have impelled new features as much as adjusted the latest update that introduced the shotgun weapon.

The first update, version 1.00.54, introduces several new features and tweaks to the game mechanics.

What’s New

One of the most significant changes in this update is the introduction of weapon rusting. Weapons will now rust over time due to wear, providing players with a visual indicator of when they need repair. This feature adds a layer of realism to the game and encourages players to regularly maintain their weapons. Players can view the wear level and other characteristics of weapons and various items by pressing the physical B or Y button, depending on the controllers they use.

Another notable addition is a 5-round ammo pouch for the Remington 870 shotgun. This new feature is expected to make life easier for players in the Zone, providing them with additional ammunition capacity.

The update also brings improvements to the tracking for VR headsets, resolving the 180-degree rotation issue for Pimax and WMR helmets. This fix is expected to enhance the VR experience for players using these devices. However, the developers have requested players to report any incorrect behavior of their VR headset after this update.

Changes and Improvements

Several bugs and issues have been addressed in this update. A bug with the Remington 870 shotgun cartridges, which could disappear from the weapon or inventory, has been fixed. The radio sound in the training room, the sound of anecdotes at the first location, and the inventory sound have all been adjusted for a better audio experience.

The update also brings minor changes to the game’s visuals. The headlamp has been slightly lowered, and the lighting in the training room has been slightly changed. These changes are expected to improve the game’s overall visual appeal.

In terms of AI, minor improvements have been made to enemy AI. The developers have also reminded players that they are currently developing a new AI system to replace the outdated one, and it will be implemented as soon as it’s ready.

The second update was launched on Sunday – January 14, 2024 and is version 1.00.55, introducing several exciting changes and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

One of the significant additions in this update is the “Hunger” parameter.

Players will now need to eat periodically to survive in the game. The food options include rolls, white bread, black bread, and baguettes, each restoring a certain amount of hunger and a little health. Players can view the characteristics of any item by pressing the B or Y button to understand how much hunger they can satisfy. A corresponding scale has been added to the wrist PDA on the player’s left hand to monitor the hunger level. However, players are advised not to consume canned food and pickles as there are no can openers in the Zone yet, and metal can harm your teeth. Food can be found both in the story campaign and in raids.

The update also brings improvements to the game’s locations.

The “Neutral Base” level has been revamped and is now enriched with various items, making the houses look less empty. The “Abandoned City” location has also been reworked.

Additionally, an issue with the “Saiga-9” magazine capture has been fixed.

Final Words

The developers have reminded players that the Zone is constantly changing, and each of their exits into it is a new challenge. They have encouraged players to stay alert and cautious, promising that many more interesting things await them in future updates.

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