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New Waves Mode, Enemy Classes, Bugfixes & Improvements in Hard Bullet

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In a recent update, the popular game Hard Bullet introduced a revamped version of the 2020 Waves mode, along with a new layout for the Wave Spawner. The update also includes bug fixes and improvements, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

New Waves Mode

The new Waves mode offers a more structured gameplay experience, with the option to select from two game modes: Survival and Waves. The game now offers three difficulty settings determined by the number of waves, but players are free to set their own. The Player Settings remain available for those who want to add an extra challenge by trying different health modes and ammunition levels.

The Waves mode features waves of enemies with different outfits, all created using the game’s current assets. The enemies are categorized into three classes:

  1. Light Shooter: These enemies wield standard pistols and have no armor.
  2. Spec Ops: Dressed in black, they use SMGs and are protected by light armor. A well-aimed shot can knock off their masks and helmets.
  3. Heavy Assault: Armed with assault rifles and wearing heavy armor, these enemies are tough to take down. It’s better to target their unprotected body parts or engage them at close range with a blade.

Shotgun: Pump Logic Updated

The mechanics for pump shotguns have been updated to make them more realistic when you run out of ammo. When you fire the last shell and pull the pump handle back, the pump of the empty shotgun will stay in the open position, indicating the weapon is out of ammo. You’ll need to insert a new shell into the chamber and then slide the pump handle forward to load the round.

Market and Dead End Updated

The Dead End sandbox has been enriched with additional details, refined enemy pathways, and fixed colliders. More elements in the environment that you can interact with, such as items you can grab or remove with a shot, have been introduced. The market arena has also been enhanced with parts that can be detached.

Bugfixes & Improvements

Several bugs have been fixed and improvements made in this update. These include resolving compatibility issues with Vive Cosmos and first-generation Windows Mixed Reality devices, fixing the problem where armor wasn’t effectively blocking damage during Waves/Survival mode, and adjusting the metal stairs leading to the roof to prevent enemies from getting stuck in them after being defeated.

The issue regarding launching Quest through the Virtual Desktop PC Streamer App through VR Desktop inner UI, known as the Grey Screen issue, persists. A fix is in the works, and the developers aim to roll it out soon to prevent such issues from occurring in the future.

The current game version is EA 

The developers are committed to releasing updates for their arenas, continuously improving the gaming experience. They encourage players to join their communities on Discord, Twitter, and Patreon to directly communicate with them.

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