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Newton’s Room – the new MR app making the laws of Physics fun to learn

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Anyone who has gone through the mandatory Physics curriculum knows how interesting the subject’s matter may sound in theory but is also challenging to fully grasp on the meaning behind formulas and remember all the constants. It may come close to mind that the best way to learn the foundation of Physics is by participating in live experiments and see how much you can make of the obtained knowledge in real life. This is where Newton’s Room will come in very handy to everyone who shares interest in the various applications of Physics’ laws.

Treeview Studio’s approach to educational XR apps

Newton's Room gameplay

Treeview is a Uruguayan AR/VR development studio which focuses on bringing to life custom spatial computing software. These developers have an extensive portfolio, which testifies their expertise in the given field and even showcases their successful collaborations with start-ups, established industry leaders and even academic institutions.

This time the studio has put its effort into creating a well-rounded mixed-reality app with an educational purpose, which would not only make use of MR’s capabilities but also pave the way for new learning opportunities which include the use of XR software.

Newton’s Room is an MR app, focusing on problem-solving through the use of Newton’s laws of physics. It has been developed Meta’s Presence Platform SDK and will therefore be released for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. Users will be challenged to solve around 30 puzzles by applying their knowledge of physics. You could choose to experience these activities in 5 mixed reality environments. Plus, a sandbox mode will also be available for the most creative players to make up a level of their own.

The main aim of this app is to both test people’s knowledge on Newtonian physics through interactive experiences and experiment with MR’s potential in the education field.

Newton’s Room will be available on Meta Store this Friday, April 12th

Newton's Room graphics

Newton’s Room went live on the Meta Store on April 12th. Forget about the boring Physics textbooks you dreaded opening while in class and make up for all that missed study time by embarking on a mixed reality adventure which will help you improve your knowledge in physics and learn how to apply nature’s laws in real life.

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