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No Man’s Sky Unveils Its 27th Major Update: ORBITAL

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In an exciting development for fans of the expansive space exploration game No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games has announced the release of its 27th major update, dubbed ORBITAL. Launched on March 27, 2024, this update introduces a plethora of eagerly awaited features and improvements, marking another significant milestone in the game’s ongoing evolution.

About No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky VR is an immersive virtual reality experience that transforms the entire game of No Man’s Sky into a VR-compatible universe. Players can explore a vast, procedurally generated cosmos with over 18 quintillion planets, each with unique flora and fauna. In VR, users can pilot starships, build bases, mine resources, and interact with the environment and alien species in a more tactile and engaging way, using VR controllers to manipulate objects and navigate menus. The game supports multiplayer, allowing friends to join in the exploration and adventure.

Space Stations Reimagined

A cornerstone of the ORBITAL update is the complete overhaul of space stations. Previously, space stations were the only static elements in No Man’s Sky’s otherwise procedurally generated universe. With the latest update, these structures have undergone a transformation, now featuring vast interior and exterior spaces enhanced by improved reflections and metallic surfaces. The exteriors of space stations have been redesigned to a scale never seen before in the game, offering a new level of variety and visual appeal. Inside, the stations are now vast, procedurally generated environments that are incredibly diverse, featuring new shops, gameplay, and activities. Each station’s design is uniquely customized based on the system, race, and locale, providing a fresh experience for players.

Customization Takes Flight with Ship Editor

Perhaps the most anticipated feature introduced in the ORBITAL update is the ship editor. This new tool allows players to customize their ships, enabling the creation of never-before-seen starship types. The decision to include a ship editor comes after much deliberation, as Hello Games wanted to maintain the game’s emphasis on exploration. To customize their ships, players must gather and trade parts as they explore, salvaging the best components from wrecks and ruins. This feature adds a new layer of depth to the game, allowing players to personalize their exploration experience further.

Guild System and Frigate Fleets

The ORBITAL update also introduces a new Guild system, enhancing the role of joining guilds and increasing reputation within the game. Players can visit new Guild envoys on space stations to gain supplies and rare items or make donations to increase their standing. Additionally, players who own a freighter can now build up a fleet of frigates and send them on away missions. In cases where the frigate fleet encounters trouble, players can perform daring rescues, scrambling their squadron of fighters to engage attackers.

Looking Ahead

The ORBITAL update represents a significant leap forward for No Man’s Sky, adding several major features that have long been on players’ wishlists. Hello Games has expressed its commitment to continuing the game’s development, with more planned for the year as their journey continues. As No Man’s Sky keeps expanding, players can look forward to more updates that enhance the game’s vast universe and gameplay experience.

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