Palworld VR review

Palworld VR Review

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Genre: Action, RPG

Compatibility (headsets): Meta Quest 3

Platforms: Steam Store

Minimum requirements: Processor: i5-3570K 3.4 GHz 4 Core, Memory; 16 GB RAM, Graphics: GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB, Storage: 40 GB available space

Features: single / multiplayer, PVP

Release date: January 19, 2024

Developer: Pocketpair

Price: 28.99 $

Palworld VR combines elements from popular games like Minecraft and Pokemon to create a unique gaming experience in virtual reality. Players engage in Pal bonding and resource management, customizing their Pals with evolved abilities and gear for strategic advantages.

Efficient base building and tactical combat are crucial, requiring careful planning from the players. The game features diverse landscapes to explore, various enemies to encounter, and challenging boss battles to tackle.

Palworld, created by Pocketpair, offers a dynamic fusion of exploration and combat, providing players with a new level of depth in their VR adventure.

Now, thanks to Praydog who created the VR mod called UEVR, Palworld can be played in VR mode.

How to play the game in VR mode?

To use the VR mode in Palworld, you have to use the UEVR injector tool, which will help you inject the VR mode into the game. Originally tested on Meta Quest 3, the VR mode’s performance looks flawless. The mod also allows you to play in first-person mode.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features

Palworld incorporates gameplay elements inspired by popular games such as Minecraft, Pokemon, Valheim, Grounded, and Stardew Valley. The game focuses on Pal bonding and resource management, where players can assign Pals to various tasks like seeding, watering, and harvesting resources to enhance the base-building aspect.

The farming mechanics and creature training in Palworld offer a unique twist to the traditional farming simulator genre, allowing players to build relationships with their Pals while efficiently managing resources. The crafting system and building strategies are complex, encouraging players to experiment with different combinations to create an optimal base. Exploration in Palworld is both visually appealing and rewarding, with hidden secrets and rewards waiting to be discovered.

Furthermore, Palworld features PVP battles and cooperative gameplay, adding an extra layer of excitement for players to test their skills against others or collaborate in base-building and exploration challenges. The game provides a diverse and engaging experience through its gameplay mechanics, combining elements from various popular games to create a dynamic gaming environment.

Unique Pal Collection and Customization

Palworld features a unique Pal collection and customization system that enhances players’ gameplay experience. Players can evolve their captured Pals by leveling them up, unlocking new abilities, and strengthening their skills in battles.

Custom gear plays an important role in equipping Pals with weapons and tools tailored to specific tasks, offering strategic advantages. The inclusion of farm buddies demonstrates the diverse utility of Pals, assisting players in farming activities and resource gathering. Cooking pals provide assistance in meal preparation, offering various benefits to players.

In terms of battle strategies, players can devise unique combat approaches by combining Pals with specialized skills, creating engaging and challenging scenarios. Overall, the Pal collection and customization elements in Palworld contribute to the depth and personalization of the gameplay experience.

Base Building and Management

Palworld VR gameplay

Efficient resource allocation and strategic planning are essential for optimizing the functionality of your base in Palworld. In this virtual reality environment, mastery of construction planning is required to construct a well-rounded base that meets your needs. Resource allocation is crucial for sustaining operations, as Pals are assigned tasks like planting, watering, and harvesting.

To enhance efficiency, crafting items and automating processes are vital aspects of base management. Each captured creature contributes uniquely to base operations, improving productivity and expanding capabilities. Defense strategies are necessary to protect resources and Pals from external threats, while expansion tactics should be carefully planned to scale the base effectively.

Combat System and Strategies

Palworld’s combat system is designed to challenge players with its dynamic gameplay. Success in battles hinges on mastering the system’s intricacies and developing effective strategies. Tactical planning is essential, requiring players to anticipate opponents’ moves and think ahead.

Quick reflexes are crucial for executing maneuvers swiftly and responding to sudden threats. Synergy among Pals is key, as combining their unique abilities can create powerful advantages in battle. Players must adapt to various combat scenarios, each demanding a different approach to victory.

Utilizing diverse tactics like strategic positioning and timing special moves can provide significant advantages in combat. Whether facing regular foes or engaging in intense boss battles, such as the one with Zoe, strategic thinking is paramount for success in Palworld’s challenging encounters.

World Exploration and Environments

Palworld features a diverse landscape with various environments, including forests, snowy peaks, deserts, underwater areas, volcanic regions, ruins, mansions, and gardens. These settings offer a range of challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Players will encounter enemies to overcome, treasure chests to discover, boss battles to engage in, dungeons to explore, and NPCs to interact with. The game also allows players to ride airborne Pals for aerial exploration.

Palworld combines exploration with combat, creating a dynamic gaming experience. Overall, players can expect a mix of serene exploration and intense challenges throughout the game world.

Boss Battle Strategies and Experiences

During my time in Palworld VR, I encountered challenging boss battles that required strategic planning and quick reflexes to overcome. Dodging enemy attacks is vital to survival, as failing to evade powerful strikes could result in defeat.

Coordination with companions plays a significant role in combat, as teamwork and synchronization of actions maximize our effectiveness against bosses. Each boss has distinct patterns and vulnerabilities that need to be identified and exploited through adaptability and strategic thinking.

The precise timing of dodges enabled counterattacks, offering opportunities to gain the upper hand in battles. The satisfaction of narrowly avoiding attacks and orchestrating companion strategies is a key aspect of defeating formidable foes in Palworld VR.

Mastering dodging techniques and coordinating with companions are essential tactics for success in challenging encounters.

Immersive VR Experience

Palworld VR graphics

Palworld introduces a virtual reality (VR) extension that enhances the gaming experience by offering players a first-person perspective within its fantastical world. The VR feature allows players to explore interactive environments with a sense of personal involvement and consequence. Users have the option to manually adjust the VR camera position to find their preferred viewing angle, contributing to a more tailored experience.

The storytelling in Palworld VR is designed to unfold seamlessly around the player, providing a realistic and interactive narrative. Interactions with the environment and the game’s creatures, known as Pals, are crafted to enhance immersion and authenticity. The game supports various controller types, including VR-specific ones like Meta Quest 3, ensuring smooth navigation and exploration for players.

Challenges and Survival Elements

Palworld incorporates survival elements such as base building, resource management, and combat challenges to engage players effectively. Resource management is a key aspect, requiring players to gather materials for base construction, upgrades, crafting tools and weapons, and maintaining a sustainable resource supply through farming with Pals. Environmental hazards like extreme weather and hostile creatures add complexity, necessitating strategic planning to overcome these obstacles.

Interactions with Pals are crucial for survival tactics, as their unique abilities can be leveraged in combat and base management tasks to gain advantages in challenging situations. Balancing the needs of the base with combat encounters is essential for success in Palworld. The game’s integration of survival elements creates an immersive experience that tests players’ adaptability and strategic thinking within a virtual reality environment.

Player Interaction and Multiplayer Options

Palworld offers a multiplayer mode that allows players to collaborate with friends for shared progression and cooperative gameplay. Teamwork is essential in this mode, as players construct bases and overcome challenges.

Multiplayer interactions in Palworld introduce social dynamics that require strategic coordination among players. Collaborative challenges in multiplayer mode promote a sense of collective achievement and progress.

Additionally, playing in multiplayer enhances resource gathering efficiency and enables the development of more sophisticated combat tactics. Overall, Palworld’s multiplayer feature emphasizes the importance of teamwork and coordination, providing players with opportunities to engage in joint adventures and pursue common objectives.


The rating of this game is one of the highest you could possibly find for a VR game – 9/10 on Steam. Most of the 251,732 reviews find this game very positive.


In conclusion, ‘Palworld VR Review’ offers a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that seamlessly blends creature collection, base building, combat encounters, and exploration in a captivating virtual world.

With its unique Pal customization options, strategic combat system, and immersive VR features, players are sure to be enthralled by the endless possibilities and challenges that await them.

This game truly delivers on its promise of providing an unforgettable gaming experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

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