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Paradiddle App Releases Major Update with Custom Songs in Multiplayer and More

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In a significant update released on May 11, 2024, the Paradiddle app, a popular virtual reality (VR) drumming experience, introduced several eagerly awaited features that promise to enhance the drumming and music-making experience for its users. The update, which is currently available on the public “beta” branch for testing, brings custom song support in multiplayer, loopable song checkpoints, timeline section support in songs, and several other improvements and fixes.

Custom Song Support in Multiplayer

A standout feature in this update is the introduction of custom song support in multiplayer sessions. This highly requested feature allows users to play custom songs with friends in a multiplayer room, provided all participants have the same custom songs preinstalled on their systems. This addition is expected to significantly enhance the social aspect of the app, making it possible for users to share and enjoy their favorite music together in a virtual space.

Loopable Song Checkpoints

Another notable feature is the ability to set loopable checkpoints in songs. This functionality is designed to aid in practice, allowing users to focus on mastering specific sections of a song by looping between set checkpoints. Users can easily set start and end times for their practice sections by grabbing the checkpoint handles under the song timeline.

Timeline Section Support

The update also introduces timeline section support, enabling the song UI to display predefined sections that users can navigate to easily. This feature is particularly useful for practicing challenging parts of a song, such as a difficult chorus or verse. While the built-in Paradiddle tracks currently do not have sections defined, upcoming songs released as part of DLCs will include this feature. Custom song creators can also define sections in their songs using the “bookmarks” field in the song format.

Other Improvements

In addition to the major features, the update includes several other changes aimed at improving the user experience. These include a toggle to turn off thumbstick swipe navigation for users experiencing thumbstick drift issues on their VR controllers, a fix for a VR-mirror window jitter problem encountered by some PC VR players, and extended song length support, increasing the maximum supported song length to 10 hours.

Looking Ahead

This update represents a significant step forward for Paradiddle, offering new ways for users to engage with music and improve their drumming skills in a virtual environment. With custom song support in multiplayer, loopable song checkpoints, and other enhancements, Paradiddle continues to set the standard for VR drumming experiences.

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