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BIG SHOTS VR released patch 1.3.0

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The latest update for the virtual reality game BIG SHOTS, patch 1.3.0, has been released, introducing a variety of new features and improvements. This patch includes enhancements such as a new screen on the mech stats panel, improved stability, and automatic equipment of items when slots are empty. Notably, the patch also introduces new lighting for the mech’s headlights and adjustments to the collection of Bugparts. Additionally, significant upgrades have been made to the Life Drain and Vampiric Damage abilities, alongside a buff to the Grenade Launcher’s damage output.

The update also brings a plethora of new sounds within the hangar and during gameplay, enhancing the auditory experience. Major and minor fixes include preemptive solutions to potential issues with the “Buy All Cosmetics” Achievement and various gameplay and UI adjustments. The developers encourage ongoing feedback through their Discord channel to further refine the game experience.

Enhancements in Gameplay and Community Engagement

Reviews and community feedback highlight BIG SHOTS as a standout VR roguelike game, particularly praised for its co-op mode and immersive gameplay. The game, developed by AlterEyes and published by MyDearest, was released on April 18, 2024, and has been noted for its engaging mechanics and the ability to unlock a wide range of upgrades quickly. Community engagement through platforms like Discord is emphasized to keep the game fresh and responsive to player needs. The game supports cross-platform play, ensuring wide accessibility and cooperative gameplay across different VR platforms.

Future Updates and Community Involvement

The developers of BIG SHOTS have planned free content updates post-release to maintain the game’s appeal and freshness. These updates are expected to introduce new features and enhancements based on community feedback and gameplay analytics. Players are encouraged to stay active on the game’s official Discord server for the latest news, playtest opportunities, and direct interaction with the developers.

Big Shots VR

“Big Shots VR” is an action-packed virtual reality roguelite game where players become mech pilots tasked with battling relentless alien hordes. Developed by the Belgian studio AlterEyes and published by MyDearest, the game offers a co-op experience allowing players to team up and fight together in immersive mech battles. Players can earn upgrades throughout their gameplay, enhancing their mechs to become more powerful. The game features innovative movement systems like “drag rotation” to reduce motion sickness, providing a comfortable and engaging VR experience. “Big Shots VR” supports cross-platform play, ensuring that friends can join forces regardless of their VR device, including platforms like PlayStation VR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest 2 and 3.

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