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Pavlov VR’s Update 30 Brings New Maps, Modkit Enhancements, and TTT Additions

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Pavlov VR, the popular virtual reality first-person shooter, has released its much-anticipated Update 30, introducing a slew of new features, optimizations, and content that promises to enhance the gaming experience for its dedicated player base.

About Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR is a highly-regarded multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) designed for virtual reality platforms. It is known for its realistic weapon handling and tactical gameplay, drawing inspiration from classic shooters like Counter-Strike. The game offers a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and the deception-based Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT), which is akin to the popular game Among Us. Pavlov VR also features a Zombies mode for cooperative play and a Gun Game mode that requires players to get a kill with each weapon to progress.

The game began on PC VR in 2017 and has since expanded to other platforms, including the PSVR 2, where it supports cross-play with PC VR players. Pavlov VR is praised for its tactile interactions, gunplay, and the immersive experience it provides through the use of VR controls. Despite lacking a progression system or character customization, it compensates with its engaging sandbox environment and the freedom for players to create their own fun. The game also includes a training course for new players and offers bot integration for offline practice. Pavlov VR has a strong community focus, with support available through its active Discord channel and a variety of interactable weapons and attachments to use in various environments.

A Glimpse into War-Torn Scotland and an Abandoned Macedonian Amusement Park

The update unveils two new maps that expand the game’s virtual world. The first map, “Autumn,” is inspired by Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. In this scenario, players will find themselves in a deserted urban landscape, as citizens have evacuated in the face of an insurgent invasion. The empty streets of this major city serve as a stark reminder of the ravages of war.

The second map, “Carnival,” takes players to an abandoned amusement park in Macedonia. Originally a site of rapid expansion with North American thrill ride partners, the park succumbed to financial mismanagement and licensing issues, leading to its inevitable return to nature. Now, it serves as a military forward operating base for special forces.

Modkit Revolution: Empowering the Modding Community

Update 30 also introduces significant enhancements to the Pavlov VR modkit. The new iteration aims to give modders greater control and facilitate easier collaboration. The integration of the dependencies feature allows for seamless mod management, enabling content mods to be automatically downloaded as required by custom game modes, maps, or community servers.

This update eliminates the cumbersome process of sharing mods through plugins or manual file transfers. Instead, mod authors can now simply add dependencies to their creations, allowing for cross-functional mods from different authors to run concurrently.

The developers have also introduced the ability to separate content mods from maps, streamlining the process of map compilation and asset management. This change is expected to significantly speed up the creation and adjustment of maps.

TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) Enhancements

The TTT game mode receives a new stealth device, along with other enhancements such as a role information screen for quick reference of roles and objectives. Additionally, the update introduces a mechanic where shooting a held riot shield with a Newton launcher forces the player to drop it, adding a new tactical layer to gameplay.

PS5 and Mods: An Update on the Status

Vankrupt Games has provided an update on the status of mods for the PS5 platform. Due to unforeseen challenges, the company has decided to discontinue efforts to deliver mods to PSVR2, citing an inability to establish a viable pipeline for user-generated content (UGC) on the platform.

Upcoming Features: Weapon Cosmetics

While the update was initially planned to include a new weapon cosmetics system, the developers have opted to delay this feature to ensure its quality. The backend work required for this system is taking longer than expected, and the decision was made to release the current update without it.

Patch Notes: A Summary of Technical Improvements

The patch notes for Update 30 detail a range of technical improvements, including:

  • New maps “Autumn” and “Carnival”
  • Optimizations from the Shack release
  • Adjustments to weapons, such as the MP5’s compatibility with sniper scopes
  • UI enhancements for mod browsing and game mode selection
  • Fixes for various exploits and bugs, including those related to smoke grenades and community server joining
  • TTT updates, including new roles, gadgets, and adjustments to existing mechanics
  • Modkit additions, such as new custom content categories and the ability to add custom items and weapons to the buy menu


Update 30 for Pavlov VR marks a significant milestone for the game, bringing fresh content and quality-of-life improvements that are sure to excite both new and veteran players. With its focus on enhancing the modding experience and expanding gameplay options, the update reaffirms Vankrupt Games’ commitment to supporting its community and fostering a dynamic and engaging VR gaming environment.

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