phasmophobia vr review

Phasmophobia VR Review

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Genre: Action, Indie
Compatibility (headsets): OpenXR
Platforms: Steam Store
Minimum requirements: Windows 10-64 bit, Processor: Intel Core i5-4590/AMD Ryzen 5 2600, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970/AMD Radeon R9 390, Storage: 21 GB available space,
Features: singleplayer/multiplayer/co-op
Release date: Sep 18, 2020
Developer: Knetic Games
Price: 11.59$

Phasmophobia is a horror story game developed by Kinetic Games, in which players investigate detective work and try to survive the horrors along the way in a mystic atmosphere and chilling sound effects. Players join forces to identify the type of ghost-hunting the location, using a variety of ghost-hunting equipment.

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Phasmophobia offers a variety of gameplay mechanics, from voice recognition to interactive ghost hunting tools. As you progress, you’ll unlock advanced tools and gain knowledge to become an effective ghost hunter.

The game has a learning curve, but its intuitive mechanics make it accessible to newcomers. Challenges add additional gameplay options and provide hours of replayability.

Progression doesn’t rely on better equipment but on improving ghost hunting skills and understanding game mechanics. As you face more dangerous ghosts, the feeling of being in control will grow.

Story & Exploration

Though you won’t find a traditional storyline, each mission you take on in Phasmophobia is a haunting story to uncover and explore.

With a variety of maps, ranging from small houses to sprawling asylums, you must strategically explore the environment to understand the layout, identify ghost hotspots, and uncover hiding spots.

To top it off, the game also blends horror and investigation gameplay, creating an immersive experience where every detail and sound matters. Anticipation of ghost reactions keeps your attention high, so every decision counts.

You must use your knowledge of the game and ghost hunting skills to succeed in uncovering the haunting narratives.

The game is tailored to both casual and hardcore players, with strategic exploration and a variety of tools at your disposal.

Equipment and Progress

phasmophobia vr gameplay

Armed with a thermometer, camera, and salt as a trap, you set out to investigate the haunting. Equipping the right gear is key to success in Phasmophobia VR. The thermometer reveals freezing temperatures, while the camera captures ghost orbs and bookwriting.

Setting up salt is a great way to trap the ghost, while a crucifix can be used for protection. As you progress through the game, the ghost’s activity decreases, and my sanity dwindles.

You must also develop effective strategies to progress and meet my objectives. While Phasmophobia VR can be terrifying, the right equipment and strategies make it easier to overcome the challenges.

Survival Tips

Staying alive in Phasmophobia VR requires quick thinking and careful planning. Managing fear and utilizing defensive items are two of the key elements to surviving this immersive horror experience.

To manage fear, the player must stay focused and alert and take things one step at a time.

To succeed, the player must remain vigilant and ready to react to any danger. Knowing when to run and when to stay is essential.

How Scary is PhasmophobiaVR?

phasmophobia vr gameplay

Phasmophobia VR is a very scary game. Tension in VR is much higher compared to the flat-screen version. Some players have even described it as unbearable and switched back to the desktop version. However, the level of scariness can vary depending on the player’s personal threshold, and with time, it becomes less frightening.

The game is scary due to many unknown things that could happen along the way. For example, anytime during the game, a ghost could pop up in front of your flashlight, which is a pretty scary thing at moments. Or the moments when you are hidden in a closet. In many aspects, the game is created to be very realistic and intense in your exploration.


Cooperative gameplay is what makes Phasmophobia stand out. Playing the game with friends offers an exciting and unique experience.

Teamwork dynamics and cooperative strategies are key to success, as players must assign roles and coordinate their efforts in order to investigate efficiently. By dividing the workload, team members can focus on their specific roles and maximize their effectiveness.

The game also encourages players to communicate and cooperate, as some tasks require multiple people to complete. This adds a layer of depth to the game, as players must think on their feet and strategize in order to progress.

Communication and coordination are essential for success, and the game offers plenty of opportunities for players to experience this first-hand.

Graphics & Sound

Though the visuals may not be the most impressive, the sound design of Phasmophobia adds to the suspense and retains the player’s attention. Ambient sounds create an immersive atmosphere that has a huge impact on the gameplay experience. Every detail and sound matters and players must be attentive to even the slightest of noises.

The voice recognition feature, which enables players to interact with ghosts, heightens the fear factor. This feature, combined with the chilling sound effects, makes the game even more intense.

The game encourages players to explore and learn without relying too much on guides. Players need to understand the layout, identify ghost hot spots, and discover hiding spots in order to survive.

The sound design, in combination with the visuals, creates an atmosphere of dread and anticipation that keeps players on edge.

Pros & Cons

Weighing the pros and cons of Phasmophobia, you can decide if this horror game is worth your time.

Players are sure to enjoy the immersive experience created by the voice recognition feature and the sound design. While the feature can sometimes fail, prompting the ghosts can provide an unexpected scare.

Cooperative gameplay is entertaining and can be quite rewarding. On the other hand, the game has a steep learning curve and can be intimidating for new players. Even experienced players may still encounter minor issues during gameplay.

All in all, if you’re looking for a thrilling VR horror game, Phasmophobia may be worth your time.

Reception and Final Thoughts

Overall, despite the potential technical issues and steep learning curve, Phasmophobia is still a thrilling horror game worth considering for players who are looking for an immersive and unique gaming experience.

The game has had a significant impact on the horror gaming genre, as it has reinvented the genre with its blend of detective work and survival horror. It has also provided an unprecedented level of immersion with its use of voice recognition and virtual reality.

Its replay value is also impressive, with various difficulty levels and additional challenges that can keep players engaged for hours.

The reception of the game is quite warming as it receives one of the highest ratings in Steam, 10/10 and 4/5 in World of Geek Stuff. With more than 510,000 reviews on Steam platform, it has an overwhelmingly positive rating.


Overall, Phasmophobia is an excellent horror game. The unique gameplay mechanics, immersive story, and intense multiplayer experience make it a stand-out game in the genre.

The graphics and sound are also top-notch and help to create a truly terrifying atmosphere.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons, making Phasmophobia worth it in 2023.

If you’re looking for a horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Phasmophobia is definitely worth checking out!

Recent updates

In this section, we will share, comment on, and analyze all updates and patch notes that Phasmophobia VR receives.

December 11, 2023 – Holiday 2023, Minor Update v0.9.3.0

The patch note for the VR game Phasmophobia, version, includes several changes and updates. The most important ones are:

Holiday 2023 Event: The Holiday 2023 event is now active, lasting around 3 weeks. Players can find instructions on the main menu event button.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Various adjustments to item interactions, such as the Spirit Box response distance and the volume of the DOTS Projector III.
  • Several equipment and difficulty level changes, including the cost of the Flashlight III upgrade, the consumability of Salt II, and the unlocking of Nightmare difficulty at level 30.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Various fixes and improvements, such as sound reliability, respecting user settings for night vision, and displaying the Custom difficulty icon correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiple bug fixes, including issues with equipment placement, invisible DOTS ghosts during hunts, and crucifixes not preventing hunts.

These changes aim to enhance the gameplay experience, address bugs, and introduce the Holiday 2023 event. Players can expect improved gameplay mechanics and additional content during the holiday event.

Check out the full patch note here.

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