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Phasmophobia Ascension – Minor Update v0.9.4.0: Lighting Changes and More

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Phasmophobia, the popular ghost-hunting game, has released a new update, v0.9.4.0, bringing several changes and improvements to the game. The update, dubbed “Ascension,” focuses on enhancing the game’s lighting system and removing the Holiday Event.

Lighting Improvements

The developers have implemented several new systems based on player feedback to improve the game’s lighting. New graphics settings have been added to the Journal, including Eye Adaption, which simulates your eyes adjusting to light or dark areas over time, and Screen Space Global Illumination (SSGI), which simulates bounced lighting, making lighting and shadows look less dark. However, these settings are currently not available for VR and require a graphics card. Static lighting has been overhauled in all locations, and ambient light has been increased. Light from outside sources, such as the moon and street lights, will now shine through windows. Larger rooms or rooms with darker materials, such as farmhouses, may look darker, but this is intended.

Holiday Event Removal and Other Changes

The Holiday Event has been removed with this update. Other changes include quicker and more consistent updates of reflections when lights are toggled on or off. The brightness slider has been adjusted to 0%-250%, and its maximum value has been lowered slightly due to the new brighter ambient light. The cursor brightness slider has been adjusted to be 0%-100%. Several location lights have been adjusted to make them more realistic. The wardrobe and lights in the Nursery in Grafton have been moved for better lighting. The range and brightness of the passive player light have also been adjusted.

Gameplay Adjustments

Several gameplay adjustments have been made in this update. For instance, ghost writing books can no longer be thrown by a poltergeist ability. Metallic door knobs are now shiny again, and several safe spots in Willow have been fixed. The upstairs hallway armchair and nursery crib in Grafton are now hiding zones and can be blocked.

Weekly Challenges

Several weekly challenges have been corrected. The “Deja Vu” weekly challenge now has the correct items, the “Glow in the Dark” weekly challenge now has the Fuse Box as the correct state: Broken, and the “Hide and Seek: Extreme” weekly challenge now correctly has 3 evidence.

The developers have also improved performance when toggling the fuse box and adjusted the player post-processing to give slightly more cinematic colors.

This update is part of the developers’ ongoing efforts to improve the game and respond to player feedback. Players can look forward to more updates and improvements in the future

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