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Phasmophobia Roadmap 2024 and Beyond: A Sneak Peek into the Future

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Phasmophobia is a cooperative online psychological horror game where up to four players act as paranormal investigators using ghost-hunting equipment to gather evidence of supernatural activity. The game is played from a first-person perspective and has been praised for its originality and immersive gameplay. It gained significant popularity, especially during Halloween, and was a top seller on Steam.

A New Roadmap

Kinetic Games have shared their roadmap for the horror hit Phasmophobia with a few changes. The developers have removed predicted dates for upcoming releases, allowing them to focus on quality rather than deadlines. They’ve also added a new section at the bottom of the roadmap, which will feature new features, maps, and smaller updates that will be pushed live as soon as they’re ready without the need to wait for a major update. The last major milestone for the game will be Horror 2.0, which will take us out of Early Access. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean development for the game will cease. They plan to continue adding more equipment, ghosts, and locations even after 1.0 finally arrives.

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Console Update

As many of you know, the console version of Phasmophobia was delayed from last year’s predicted release date due to several reasons. They’re still hard at work trying to get this ready for you eager console players, and it’ll arrive as soon as it’s ready. With the delay comes extra changes for console players on day one. This includes the new and improved upcoming shop experience, adjustments to the leveling and equipment tiers, and minor balance changes. This will result in console players getting the best experience as soon as they receive the game.

New Location: Point Hope Lighthouse

The next, long-awaited location for Phasmophobia will soon be upon us: Point Hope Lighthouse. This unique location offers a new visual theme and a widely different gameplay experience. The rooms are circular and encompass a whole floor, allowing Kinetic Games to create several looping spots and plan hiding spots near or far from staircases.

Farmhouse Reworks

Looking a little further ahead, they’re planning reworks for the Bleasdale and Grafton farmhouses. They aim to give each farmhouse its own identity and theme, with layout adjustments to make the buildings feel more authentic. Grafton, the smaller farmhouse, will have a more dilapidated look, with collapsing floors, ceilings, and windows. The twin bedroom will be converted into a large seamstress workshop, full of old mannequins, rolls of cloth and fabric, and drawings scattered amongst the floor. Bleasdale, on the other hand, will be nudged closer to the grand mansion-style house it once was. Rooms will be ornate and cluttered with statues and expensive belongings. Some rooms will be repurposed, including a collectible room filled with rare objects and a tea room adorned with doilies and plates painted with cute animals.

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