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Phasmophobia Introduces Major Shop Revamp and Small Update in Version

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Phasmophobia is a cooperative online horror game developed and published by British indie studio Kinetic Games. It immerses players in the role of paranormal investigators, tasked with identifying and documenting ghostly presences in various haunted locations. The game supports both standard and virtual reality (VR) play, offering a first-person perspective that heightens the horror experience. Players can work alone or team up with up to three others, using a variety of ghost-hunting tools and their voices to interact with the game’s environment and the ghosts themselves. Released in early access on Steam in September 2020, the game quickly gained popularity, especially during the Halloween season, thanks to its engaging multiplayer gameplay and VR support.

The game, the popular ghost hunting game by Kinetic Games, has released a minor update v0.9.5.0, titled “Ascension – Shop Overhaul,” which introduces a series of enhancements and new features to improve the player experience.

Shop and Equipment Management Rework

The update brings a significant rework of the shop interface, making it more user-friendly and easier to manage equipment. The changes are based on player feedback and include:

  • Three Separate Pages: The shop now has three distinct pages for more intuitive navigation.
  • Controller-Friendly Buying: An ‘easy buy’ option has been added for those using controllers.
  • Renamable Loadouts: Players can now rename their loadouts for better organization.
  • Player-Specific Equipment Colors: Equipment supplied by players can now be color-coded for easy identification.
  • Improved Navigation: Quick shortcuts have been implemented to move between screens and unlock equipment efficiently.
  • Tutorials: Each page now comes with a full tutorial to guide players through the new interface.
  • Gamepad Shortcuts: Shortcuts have been added for gamepad users to enhance accessibility.

Accessibility Enhancements

The update also introduces new accessibility options, allowing players to customize various visual aspects of the game:

  • Customizable Player Colors: Players can now set specific colors for main menu stickers, the shop interface, and the sanity screen in the truck.
  • Cursor Customization: The cursor can now be personalized in terms of shape, color, opacity, and size, with additional highlighting options for objects.

However, it’s important to note that VR players have limited customization options, only being able to adjust the highlight cursor’s color and opacity.

Gameplay and Quality of Life Improvements

Several gameplay adjustments and quality of life improvements are included in the update:

  • DOTS Ghosts: The AI navigation for DOTS Ghosts has been improved, and players can no longer capture a photo of a DOTS ghost unless it’s within the projector’s light.
  • Sound Sensor III: This device can now be rotated while being placed.
  • Journal and Sound Adjustments: The brightness of the Journal has been reduced, along with the volume of various sounds in the game.

General Updates and Bug Fixes

The update addresses several issues and makes general improvements:

  • AI Pathing: The AI pathing for Phantom and Wraith abilities has been enhanced.
  • Ouija Board: The board will now break if the player’s sanity is too low to use it.
  • Shop Screensaver: The screensaver will no longer flicker when approaching or leaving the shop screen in non-VR mode.
  • Ghost Interactions: Ghosts can now correctly interact with all telephones and the grandfather clock.
  • Localization: The ‘offline’ text for the sound sensor is now translated into non-English languages.
  • Gamepad Navigation: Players can now navigate to the ‘Blocked Players’ page using gamepad shoulder buttons.

VR-Specific Updates

For VR players, the update brings several enhancements:

  • Prestige: VR players can now prestige in the game.
  • Sensor Adjustments: The shape of the Sound Sensor III and Motion Sensor II can now be changed in VR.
  • VR Journal: Up and down arrows are now functional, and the journal sounds are no longer audible from afar.
  • Voice Recognition: The Spirit Box 3 VR text voice recognition now works correctly.

The Kinetic Games Team encourages players who encounter any issues to join the official Phasmophobia Discord for support.

This update aims to refine the gameplay experience and address community feedback, ensuring that Phasmophobia continues to be an engaging and accessible game for both new and veteran ghost hunters.

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