Phasmophobia VR update v0.10.0.0

Major Phasmophobia Update Adds New Lighthouse Location

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Phasmophobia has released a major v0.10.0.0 update, adding a new Point Hope Lighthouse location with 10 floors and 12 rooms. The lighthouse features a unique layout that will challenge players in new ways, requiring different techniques for some ghost abilities, especially on lower-evidence game modes.

Progression and Equipment Changes

The update includes several adjustments to player leveling and rewards, making it faster to level up to 9999 prestige. Rewards for correctly identifying ghosts in medium and large locations have been increased. Various equipment changes have been made, such as increasing the light range of DOTS Tier I and adding new sounds to EMF Tier III.

Ghost and Environment Improvements

Ghosts can now leave single fingerprints on small lamps and TV remotes, and their ability to interact with closed doors has been improved. The environment has seen visual improvements, such as better distant fog color blending and optimized assets across all maps.

Bug Fixes and Performance Optimizations

The update includes numerous bug fixes and performance optimizations, especially for low-end machines. Areas like photo and video cameras, shadows, weather effects, UI, physics, and audio have received major adjustments to reduce stutters, increase FPS, and speed up loading times.

New Challenges and Rewards

New ID card badges can be unlocked for completing specific challenges, such as correctly identifying the ghost on Point Hope 50 times with a reward multiplier above 0x, or completing Sunny Meadows objectives with high difficulty multipliers. Players can now carry an Igniter in addition to 3 other items.

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Phasmophobia is a virtual reality (VR) horror game that allows 1-4 players to take on the role of paranormal investigators exploring haunted locations. The game features VR support, providing an immersive and terrifying experience as players navigate dark environments filled with supernatural activity. Players work together to gather evidence and identify the type of ghost haunting the location, with communication and teamwork being crucial to surviving the paranormal encounters. The game features a variety of ghost types, each with unique behaviors and weaknesses that players must learn to effectively counter. Players’ sanity levels decrease over time, and when low enough, the ghost will become more aggressive and attempt to hunt the players, requiring them to hide and stay calm to avoid being killed. The game also offers customization options, allowing players to choose from 8 different paranormal investigator characters to distinguish themselves in the group. Overall, Phasmophobia offers an intense and immersive VR horror experience that challenges players to work together to survive the paranormal threats they encounter.

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