Phasmophobia VR Easter Update

Phasmophobia VR Update v0.9.6.0: Unveiling the Mysteries of This Year’s Easter Event

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Phasmophobia VR just released the much-anticipated Easter 2024 event and it’s packed with thrilling updates and exclusive rewards that are sure to enhance your ghost-hunting adventures. This year’s event, running for two weeks, invites players to dive into the supernatural with renewed vigor and uncover the secrets that lie in the shadows.

About Phasmophobia VR

Phasmophobia is a cooperative online horror game developed by Kinetic Games, where players team up as paranormal investigators to explore haunted locations and identify different types of ghosts. It features full VR support, allowing for an immersive experience with crossplay between VR and non-VR players. The game emphasizes teamwork, communication, and strategic use of ghost-hunting equipment to complete objectives and survive the horrors within.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update, v0.9.6.0, and the Easter event.

Easter 2024 Event: Limited-Time Thrills Await

The Easter event has officially kicked off, offering players a limited window of two weeks to participate in special missions and earn unique rewards. The event promises an immersive experience with new challenges that will test your ghost-hunting skills like never before. For more details on the event and how to claim your rewards, be sure to check in-game.

ID Cards and Badges: A Fresh New Look

In a move to enhance player identification and prestige, ID cards and badges have undergone a significant makeover. Players can now enjoy:

  • A unique background for each badge when using that badge’s ID theme.
  • Animated backgrounds for Prestiges 11-20, aligning with their respective badges.
  • Adjustments to several colors for better visibility and distinction.
  • New Badge designs for VIP and Artist categories.
  • Synchronization of volume slider colors with the EXP bar for a cohesive look.

Additionally, headphones are now visible when players are listening through the parabolic microphone, adding a touch of realism to the game.

Gameplay Improvements and Fixes

The update introduces a series of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving the overall gameplay experience:

  • Removal of the middle lines on the ID card to accommodate new background designs.
  • Introduction of a “ready” sticker on player ID cards to indicate readiness.
  • Resolution of Lobby-Equipment desync issues among players.
  • UI adjustments to prevent overlap when selecting a locked difficulty.
  • Implementation of the ability to complete the “Survive with starter items” daily challenge.
  • Enhanced functionality for placing video cameras on tripods in VR.
  • Improved accuracy of the Parabolic Microphone III and EMF Reader III in VR and non-VR modes, respectively.
  • Adjustments to the shop gamepad buttons and VR cursor for better usability.
  • Insurance benefits now available for deaths in Amateur or Intermediate difficulty levels.
  • Various UI and visual enhancements for a smoother gaming experience.

Known Issues and Community Support

The update also highlights a known issue where one of the lobby effects post-event completion may not be visible in every lobby. Players experiencing this or any other issues are encouraged to join the official Phasmophobia Discord for support and updates:

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