Population One introduces Phoenix Royale mode

Experience the New Phoenix Royale Mode in Free-to-Play ‘POPULATION: ONE’ Starting June 6, with a Preview Weekend from May 31

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Get ready for POPULATION: ONE’s largest battle royale update yet, featuring automatic redeploys to cheat defeat, more ways to customize your playstyle with buy station upgrades, and more opportunities for action—all on a brand-new map.

On June 6, POP1 will launch Phoenix Royale, a game mode that allows fallen players to rise up and respawn, ensuring the action-packed fun never stops. Mark your calendars for the Phoenix Preview Weekend, running from 11:00 am PT on May 31 through 10:59 am PT on June 3.

Phoenix Preview Weekend

To celebrate the upcoming launch, BigBox VR is offering limited-time rewards for the community. During the Phoenix Preview Weekend, players can earn the exclusive “Phoenix Rising” title by playing five Phoenix Royale matches. This accolade will never again be obtainable in-game as a paid or earned reward, making it a must-have for dedicated players.

Launch Day Rewards

The celebration continues with the official launch on June 6. Players can earn exclusive, free character skin rewards by participating in Phoenix Royale matches during the first two weeks post-launch. Playing two matches will earn the “Delta” character skin, while playing 15 matches in total will unlock the “Jet” character skin.

New Features and Content

The Phoenix Royale update introduces several new features and content:

  • Phoenix Royale Map: A brand-new, full-sized Battle Royale map.
  • Phoenix Royale Redeploys: Allows players to rejoin their squad after being downed.
  • Phoenix Royale Supply Crates and Buy Stations: Scattered throughout the map, these contain weapons, health items, and Gem Bars—a new in-match currency.
  • Phoenix Royale Loot Vaults: Special supply crates containing high-level weapons and Gem Bars, activated randomly at the start of each match.
  • Shifting End-Zone Mechanic: The final zone in squad-based modes will now randomly shift locations, keeping the action dynamic.
  • Sprinting Mechanic: Available in all POP1 modes, allowing players to move quickly across the map.

Charge those headsets and assemble your squad: Phoenix Royale rises soon.

The introduction of Phoenix Royale promises to change the game and offers a different kind of experience that we hope players would enjoy.

Population One VR

“Population: One” is a VR battle royale game developed by BigBox VR, offering a unique and immersive experience exclusive to virtual reality. The game features a distinctive Vertical Combat System that allows players to climb any surface, fly through the air, and build strategic cover during intense battles. Teams of three compete in an 18-player multiplayer environment, aiming to be the last squad standing. The game is available on multiple VR platforms, including Oculus Quest, Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR, and Valve Index, with full crossplay support. Known for its smooth gameplay and innovative mechanics, “Population: One” has been praised for its engaging and dynamic combat, although it has some limitations in content diversity and gun handling.

BigBox VR

BigBox VR is a Seattle-based startup founded in 2016 by industry veterans Chia Chin Lee and Gabe Brown. The company specializes in developing online virtual reality (VR) multiplayer games. BigBox VR aims to create a VR esport ecosystem by combining platform-defining games, social communities, and competitive play. Their notable projects include “Smashbox Arena” and the battle royale VR game “POPULATION: ONE,” which features a unique Vertical Combat System allowing players to climb anything and fly anywhere in VR. The company has received venture backing and has partnered with Oculus for continued development.

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