Pistol Whip VR review

Pistol Whip VR Review

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Genre: Action, Indie
Compatibility (headsets): Steam VR
Platforms: Steam Store, Meta Store, PlayStation Store
Minimum requirements: Processor: Intel i5-4590 or equivalent, Memory: 8 GB RAM, Graphics: GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent, Storage: 800 MV available space,
Features: singleplayer
Release date: November 7, 2019
Developer: Cloudhead Games Ltd.
Price: 24.99 $

Pistol Whip VR is known for its fast-paced action, dynamic music, and customizable elements, making it a popular choice among VR enthusiasts. With a reasonable price point compared to other VR games, it offers rhythmic shooting mechanics and receives regular content updates to keep players engaged.

Pistol Whip on PSVR2 presents notable improvements in the VR rhythm shooter genre. The visual enhancements deliver richer colors and deeper blacks, creating a more immersive experience within the vibrant worlds. Gameplay benefits from sharper details and challenging mechanics that promote skill development.

The controller design offers precise control and immersive feedback, contributing to gameplay mastery. With a variety of levels and modes, players can enjoy an engaging experience with dual-wielding action.

Overall, this version raises the bar for VR rhythm shooters, offering a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for players to delve into.

Visuals and Customization Options

Pistol Whip offers Visuals and Customization Options that contribute to the immersive experience of the game. The stylized graphics feature a futuristic computer theme, creating a visually engaging environment for players. Additional visual styles like those found in the 2089 and Smoke and Thunder add-ons enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Players can personalize their gameplay by customizing their weapons with different guns, engravings, and colors, adding a touch of personalization. The ability to dual-wield guns and utilize various modification switches allows for increased customization and gameplay variability. These options not only improve the visual aspect of the game but also give players the tools to tailor their experience to their preferences.

Gameplay Experience and Mechanics

Pistol Whip VR graphics

Pistol Whip features a gameplay mechanic that combines rhythm-based shooting and strategic movement. Players are tasked with shooting enemies in time with the beat, resulting in higher scores for accurate timing. While precision shooting to the music is encouraged, players can still eliminate targets even if they are offbeat without facing penalties.

Failure in levels is determined by getting hit rather than missing shots. The game offers global leaderboards for score comparisons among players, promoting a sense of competition. Players can customize their experience with modifiers and a variety of weapon choices, adding depth to the gameplay.

The fast-paced action and skill-based challenges contribute to an engaging and immersive gameplay experience in Pistol Whip.

Locked Content

Some scenes or modes are initially locked and need to be unlocked by playing through the game. For example, campaign scenes become playable in Arcade Mode only after completing them in Campaign Mode.

Styles System

This system allows players to customize their gameplay experience with a variety of modifiers. Players can choose from preset gameplay modes or customize them for new and different gameplay styles. This includes options like big-headed enemies, bullet hell-style enemy fire, and a selection of different weapons.


Using the Styles System, players can customize their weapon and play style. This includes choosing different weapon types, such as pistols, boomsticks, or burst fire, and setting additional modes, like dual-wielding.


For those with a competitive streak, the game features online leaderboards as well as challenge modes, allowing players to compete against others globally or among friends.

Different Modes in Pistol Whip VR

Pistol Whip is a virtual reality rhythm game that combines first-person shooter elements with music-driven gameplay. Here are the various modes available in Pistol Whip:

Arcade Mode

Jump straight into any scene to aim for the high score. This mode allows players to select individual tracks and play through them, trying to beat their own best scores or climb the leaderboards.


Pistol Whip VR features

These are narrative-driven collections of scenes with a connected story. The game features campaigns such as “2089” and “Smoke & Thunder,” which include voice-acted cutscenes and a series of levels that players progress through with specific challenges and weapon loadouts.

Party Mode

Designed for local multiplayer fun, Party Mode lets players pass the headset around and compete for high scores on a local leaderboard. It’s a great way to introduce friends to the game and have a shared experience.

Contracts & Ultimatums

These are limited-time challenges that refresh daily, weekly, and monthly. They combine specific scenes with unique styles, offering players new ways to engage with the game and test their skills.


Modifiers can be applied to change the difficulty and style of play. These can include options like no ammo, unlimited ammo, deadeye (no auto-aim), and hardcore (one-hit death), among others.

Pistol Whip’s various modes and customization options provide a diverse range of ways to play, catering to different preferences, whether players are looking for a story-driven experience, a competitive challenge, or just a fun party game with friends.

Diverse Level Design and Exciting Modes

Pistol Whip features a variety of levels and gameplay modes that offer diverse challenges and experiences for players. The levels present different environments and enemy encounters, requiring players to adapt quickly and demonstrate their reflexes.

Modes such as Arcade and Contract offer distinct gameplay styles, adding depth to the overall experience. Each level presents unique challenges to keep players engaged, ensuring a fresh experience with every playthrough.

The dual wield mode adds excitement by allowing players to use two weapons simultaneously, increasing the intensity of combat. Notable levels like The Grave and Wheels showcase creative design and engaging gameplay scenarios, enhancing the overall dynamic and thrilling nature of the game.

Soundtrack and Content Updates

Pistol Whip has seen significant growth in its soundtrack and content updates since its initial release. Originally launching with 10 tracks, the game has expanded to include 30 maps, offering players a more diverse selection of music. The game predominantly features electronic music, catering to various electronic music styles for players to enjoy during gameplay.

The free content updates provided to players have introduced theme overhauls with unique enemies and styles, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. These regular updates not only maintain the game’s freshness but also showcase the developers’ dedication to providing new and engaging content to the player base. This commitment contributes to the game’s longevity and value, keeping players engaged and interested in the evolving content.


The game receives 9/10 in Steam. From 3347 reviews most have a very positive opinion about the game. In Meta Store the game has rating of 4.8/5 from 10 068 votes. In PlayStation Store it has 4.67/5 from more than 1400 votes.

The high ratings on all platforms only speak about the success this game has in the VR gaming industry.


In conclusion, Pistol Whip on PSVR2 delivers an unparalleled VR rhythm shooter experience with its stunning visuals, enhanced gameplay mechanics, innovative controller features, and diverse-level design.

It sets a new standard for immersive gaming and offers a dynamic range of challenges that keep players engaged and excited.

With its dual wield mode and variety of modes, this version of the game is a must-play for any gaming enthusiast looking for an exhilarating and captivating experience.

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