Population: One VR Free Winter Update And Patch Notes

POPULATION: ONE in December 2023 – Free Winter Update and Patch Notes

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POPULTION:ONE is a popular battle royale virtual reality (VR) game that offers a unique experience. Players can climb, fly, and build in the game, which is only possible in the VR environment. It features a vertical combat system that allows unparalleled freedom and mobility, enabling players to climb anything they see, fly through the map, and build strategic cover.

The game is developed by BigBox VR, which is a pioneering game development company based in Seattle and founded by industry entrepreneurs with a background in successful exits and top-grossing live service products at major companies like Valve, Disney, Sony, and Microsoft.

This month, the game received two major updates.

Free Winter Update for POPULATION: ONE

POPULATION: ONE received a free Winter Update 2023, introducing several exciting features. The update includes a snow-covered version of the Evolving Battle Royale map, creating a festive and immersive winter environment for players. Additionally, a Holiday-themed Sandbox Team Deathmatch (TDM) playlist was launched, adding a seasonal twist to the game’s multiplayer experience. The Winter Update also brought about a Winter event, which is scheduled to run from December 12, 2023, until January 9, 2024, featuring new team deathmatch content. The “Sawmill” location on the Evolving Map was replaced by the “Winter Wonderland” as part of the update.

December 6 , Patch notes

The December 6th, 2023 patch notes for Population: One include several updates and bug fixes. Some of the most important changes are:

December Monthly Match Rewards: Players can earn various rewards by playing active game modes like Squads, Deathmatch, and Co-Op Bot Battle. Rewards include skins, sprays, and calling cards.

Gameplay Camera: Eye position has been adjusted to better match the eye height of characters.

Gun balance changes: Several weapons have been tweaked, including the Sako, M60, MK18, 357 Magnum, and MP9.

Quality of Life improvements: Microphone status is now displayed in-game, confetti follows the player on the victory screen, and map creation limits have been increased.

Bug Fixes: Issues related to climbing, downed state, teleportation exploit, single-player mode rewards, and Sandbox mode have been addressed.

Networking: Over 40 smaller netcode bugs have been fixed, and networking optimizations have been implemented.

Battle Royale Map Updates: The next featured Sandbox area, Ironworks, is temporarily available in Custom Rooms until the Holiday Evolving Map goes live on December 12th. The regular Evolving Map will return with Ironworks on January 9th

So far, the recent changes have been well received by the community, especially regarding the “head peeking” being addressed. Another change in the right direction is the gun balance. The main concern for the last patch is that many users reported client issues for headsets different than Meta.

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