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POPUPLATION: ONE – Big changes in the Battle Royale

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Phoenix Royale – Going Live June 6

POPULATION: ONE’s largest Battle Royale update yet is set to go live on June 6. A preview weekend will be available from March 31 to June 3. The update introduces several new features and gameplay mechanics:

Phoenix Redeploy

  • Players automatically redeploy as long as one team member is alive.
  • Redeploy time increases with each zone stage.
  • Automatic redeploy is disabled after three zone stages; revives can only be done with defibrillators.
  • Supply Crates eject loot when touched and refill each new zone stage.

New Features

  • Loot Vaults: High-value loot protected by Bureau bots.
  • Gem Bars: Collectible items that can be spent at Loot Shops.
  • Loot Shop: Spend Gem Bars on in-game items at various map locations.
  • Supply Items: Includes Shakers, Bananas, and Backpacks.
  • Supply Drops: Two levels of supply drops with high-rarity items.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Upgrade the rarity of guns.
  • Classes: Three classes tailored to different play styles.

New Map Regions

  • Processing
  • Hydro Gardens
  • Terminal
  • Pop n’ Media
  • Research
  • Warehouse
  • Downtown
  • Stadium
  • Mines
  • The Stronghold

General Gameplay – Live Now

  • Movement: Run by clicking down the thumbstick and sprint by double-clicking it. Dive to fall faster when high in the air.
  • Teammate Status Icons: Displayed on the HUD.
  • Battle Zone: Final stages of the zone will now shift/move. Base zone damage increased from 1 to 2 damage per second.
  • Zone Shrinking Warning Music: Plays when outside the safe zone as the battle zone begins shrinking.
  • Ammo and Health: Guns have ammo on pickup. Inventory ammo caps limit the amount of ammo stored. Health regenerates automatically if no damage is taken for 10 seconds.
  • Health/Shield Item Rebalance:
  • Shield Shaker: Now holds 2 per inventory slot, shake time reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
  • Bananas: Replenish sprint stamina.
  • Sodas: Stack 2, heal 50 points each.
  • AWP Scope Glint: Reflective effect to identify distant snipers.
  • Gun Balance Changes:
  • Magnum: Min Damage increased from 38 to 40.
  • M60: Base Damage decreased from 29 to 27.
  • FAL: Full Damage Range increased from 60 to 80 meters.
  • SPR: Base Damage increased from 50 to 65, Bullet Speed increased from 675 to 800 m/s.

Sandbox – Advanced Editor

  • Added moving target parameter on Target buildable object.
  • Added shop config panel and shop buildable for purchasing items/buffs/roles.
  • Added currency item buildable and currency as a player property.
  • Added elapsed time to RaceEnd trigger as an event property.
  • Added action GiveItem to directly add an item to a player’s inventory.
  • Added SpawnLootForPlayer action to spawn an item for a specific player and their teammates.
  • Added checkbox to Scoreboard to set if time is in milliseconds.
  • Allow editor collapse/expand to function in view-only mode.
  • Changed SpawnWithRarity to SpawnFromList for spawning items.
  • Changed respawn logic to a weighted selection of valid points.
  • Changed race start trigger behavior to not cancel a race when re-entered.
  • Fixed various bugs including child buffs, Apply/Remove buff actions, enemy outline/waypoint buff issues, Advanced Editor save bugs, player spawn area issues, ping/waypoint colors, enabling triggers, location unset in player functions, target player availability in DealDamage trigger, game action item list initialization, and splash damage effects.

General Bug Fixes

  • MiniMap: Fixed ping placement offset while moving and pinging.
  • Grenade: Fixed jittery bounce causing grenades to fall through the floor.

Known Issues

  • Brief loss of audio when joining a voice chat channel on Quest without headphones due to echo and noise cancellation features.
  • If prompted to “update to play” but the update is not visible in the store, uninstall and reinstall POP: ONE to force the upgrade without losing progress or data.

Final Words

With this update Battle Royale promises to bring new excitements for the participants. Don’t miss out to try it and share your feedback with us.

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