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Best VR Apps for Working From Home

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VR tech is not only applicable in the entertainment sphere, it has many productive use cases for various industries. As remote work becomes more accessible and popular, both freelancers and enterprises are looking for ways to improve their professional tasks by incorporating different pieces of software. VR has the potential to make working from home both more enjoyable and more productive, all while enabling collaboration features and remote meetings.

In this selection, we’ve made sure to include the best VR productivity apps, which would significantly improve any remote work tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • VR tech enables the creation of virtual offices for more immersive collaboration
  • VR apps offer simulations for remote training and skill development
  • Through VR productivity apps, remote teams can visualize projects before execution
  • VR improves collaboration, communication, productivity, training, and engagement

How can VR improve remote work?

With its potential to revolutionize remote work, VR is certainly worth considering as a tool to improve collaboration, communication, productivity, training, and engagement.

VR can create virtual offices, allowing teams to brainstorm and work together in a more natural and immersive way than video calls. This can make collaboration more efficient and communication clearer.

Through a VR headset, one can have access to simulations for training and guidance, providing feedback and assessment for learners. This can enhance productivity by enabling employees to acquire new skills and knowledge remotely.

Thirdly, VR can help teams visualize their projects before they come to fruition, identifying potential issues and making adjustments. This can lead to more successful outcomes and higher productivity.

VR can increase intra-company engagement by providing a unique and immersive experience. This can foster stronger connections among team members and improve overall morale.

How we chose the best apps for working from home?

This selection of best-performing VR apps for remote work is based on the following criteria:

  • Accessibility – it’s important that each of these apps is compatible with various devices, which makes it easier for all team members to take part.
  • Pricing – most of these apps have monthly subscription models, and although some are pricier than others, we’ve only selected those that provide the most efficient features.
  • Collaboration options – at the core of any remote job is being able to keep in touch with team members and clients from a distance. That’s why features like file sharing, virtual white-boarding, and import of 3D objects should be featured in these apps.
  • Integration – if the app is capable of integrating other pieces of software regarding project management and specific communication platforms, they’re considered more fit for work-from-home tasks.


Connec2 overview

Connec2 is a virtual reality (VR) application designed to enhance remote collaboration and provide a lifelike social experience for professionals working from home. It functions as a virtual extension of the physical workspace, allowing users to interact with colleagues through digital avatars within a shared virtual environment. This VR platform aims to transcend geographical barriers and foster a sense of presence and connection among team members, regardless of their physical location. Connec2 offers tools commonly found in consultation rooms, such as whiteboards, interactive presentations, and Kanban boards, as well as innovative features that leverage the unique capabilities of VR to boost productivity. It supports various VR headsets and is geared towards improving collaboration, meetings, and team cohesion by providing a space where users can discuss, present, and make collective decisions in a more immersive and interactive way.

Virtual Desktop

best vr apps for working from home review

Virtual Desktop is an app that can make working from home easier and more efficient. It allows users to connect wirelessly to their computer(s) from their VR headset. It’s available on multiple platforms, including Oculus Quest and PC.

You need to have a VR-ready PC running Windows 10 or 11, as it’s not compatible with Macs. To get started, you’ll need to download the Streamer App and connect your headset to your computer wirelessly.

This app allows you to view all your job tasks in VR and thus proposes a non-convoluted environment, which would make it clear whether you enjoy remote work through VR or not.

Virtual Desktop has a 4.3/5 user rating on the Oculus Store, where you can get it for $19.99.


You can take your business meetings to the next level with MeetinVR, a virtual reality platform designed for structured meetings and workshops. It’s part of the Oculus ISV program and integrates easily with popular VR devices.

MeetinVR allows users to brainstorm ideas, review and approve concepts, and interact naturally in a virtual environment. Plus, a 30-day free trial is included for up to 20 users, so they can experience meetings in VR and decide if it’s right for their business.

With MeetinVR, users can enjoy dynamic meetings, effortless collaboration, and endless possibilities for their work-from-home environment.

Currently, there are three user access models: a free version, a Pro subscription (35€ per month per user), and an Enterprise subscription, for which there are custom offers.


vSpatial is a virtual reality-based application that lets you access your PC desktop remotely. It provides remote desktop tools for web browsers and XR headsets, letting you connect to multiple remotes at once.

For those who need to prioritize privacy and security, vSpatial offers a self-hosted cloud option. The WorkSpace WebApp and Remote Desktop Utility allow you to access a remote PC with a VR headset or web browser. It also enables amusing avatar phone calls and a collaborative environment with different screen-sharing options.

vSpatial is perfect for those looking for an easy way to access their PC remotely and collaborate with their team.

Although vSpatial hasn’t been developed to be a fully pledged remote work app, it still offers amusing avatar phone calls, an environment for collaboration, and diverse screen-sharing options.

You can either get a free version with a 45-minute session duration or a Pro version with unlimited sessions and up to 4 virtual monitors for $20 a year.

Horizon Workrooms

Horizon Workrooms is another app that makes working from home a breeze, offering an immersive collaboration feature for a more natural and interactive experience.

This free virtual reality platform is designed to bring unified communications and collaboration into the VR world. It allows users to meet, collaborate, and communicate in VR while decorating and redesigning their virtual workspaces.

With VR handheld controls, users can interact with objects and each other, providing an experience that feels like being together in the same physical space.

Horizon Workrooms is available for Quest 2 headsets on the Oculus Store and can be downloaded from


Noda is a unique virtual reality that is intended to maximize productivity and creativity. With its crisp user interface and fun elements, Noda allows users to craft 3D mind maps, storyboards, and project plans with voice commands or hand gestures.

This provides an experience that nudges new ideas and inspirations. Noda is available on Steam for $19.99 and has earned positive reviews from users.


Vizible is the perfect virtual reality creation and collaboration software for enterprises. It works on many headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality, and supports a variety of file formats, such as 3D models, 360-degree videos, images, and PDFs.

What makes it stand out is its interactivity and avatar recordings. Its easy learning curve and cross-headset compatibility make it ideal for product design, collaboration, and presentations.

It is on the high end of the spectrum as a monthly subscription is $250 per user, but it is ranked as a very powerful and efficient software for projects of greater significance.


You can take your remote work to the next level with Rumii, a virtual reality platform designed for teams to collaborate. This software emphasizes conferencing and education, making it the perfect tool for remote work and training. It’s compatible with multiple headsets and desktops, making it perfect for remote work and training.

With a simple widget board, no complex 3D object library, and realistic renderings, this app has all the features you need in a virtual learning environment.

The monthly subscription is just $14.99.


Immersed is a VR application that provides a range of benefits, including increased productivity, spatial computing, and remote collaboration. It supports PC, Mac, and Linux and works with up to 5 virtual monitors. You can work with a team of 4 or more people in the same virtual room, sharing screens regardless of the computer they’re using. Immersed is available on devices such as the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest Pro, HTC Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4.

You can work with a team of four or more in the same virtual room, sharing screens regardless of their computer. The distraction-free workspace with massive virtual screens helps you focus, and you can even collaborate with people around the world in a virtual coffee shop.

Some have had issues using motion controllers, but a keyboard and mouse work best. However, Immersed has received positive feedback for its potential to improve productivity and creativity.

You can get the app for free on Meta Store, where it has a 4.3/5 rating.


Engage VR is a business-focused spatial computing platform designed to help corporations, professionals, educational organizations, and event organizers achieve their goals. It provides training, collaboration, events, and marketing solutions so clients can interact with remote employees, customers, and suppliers in virtual spaces.

Engage has partnered with over 200 enterprise organizations, including global companies like KPMG, Meta, and Pfizer. This innovative platform allows organizations to make their virtual strategies a reality.

There are three different subscription options – a free version, a Plus subscription which costs $10 per month, and an Enterprise subscription model.

IrisVR Prospect

IrisVR Prospect is a user-friendly software that converts 3D models into virtual reality experiences.

It offers features like VR walkthroughs, hosting VR meetings, and unlimited file uploads and storage.

Plus, its Prospect Library serves as a central hub for managing virtual reality experiences, allowing you to save, sync, export, delete, view, and modify your projects.

With no training or coding required, you can start a free 14-day trial and then pick from the available pricing plans – suitable for teams and enterprise use.


Each of these apps can help you work from home more efficiently and productively. You don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’re not in the office.

Even though the technology may seem intimidating at first, it really does provide a myriad of conveniences, which make remote work more engaging.

With the help of these apps, you can stay connected and productive no matter where you are and still maintain a good relationship with colleagues and clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cost Associated With Using These Apps?

There are free apps like Horizon Workrooms. However, most work with a monthly subscription plan, and most are around $20 per person.

Is There a Learning Curve Associated With Using These Apps?

Yes, it may take some time to get familiar with the features and how to use them. However, with some patience and practice, you can become a pro in no time.

Are There Any Security Concerns When Using These Apps?

Yes, make sure to read reviews and research before downloading so you know what you’re getting into.

Can These Apps Be Used on Multiple Devices?

Yes, most of the mentioned apps can be accessed through a variety of devices.

Are There Any Customer Service Support Options for These Apps?

Yes, many of the apps offer customer service support options. You can contact the customer service team with any questions or concerns you have about the app.

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