The Pursuit of Happiness I 360° Video
Refugee Children with IRC aid worker in Iraq.


The Pursuit of Happiness: 360° Video From an Iraqi Refugee Camp

September 2015: War is raging in Syria and Iraq, and the refugee crisis has turned the lives of thousands of citizens upside down and for a vast number of families, the downward spiral  seem to have no end.

Amsterdam-based VR content provider VR Gorilla, recently joined forces with a Dutch  refugee organization and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to tell us all some of the stories of the innocent people, caught in the clutches of war. Using a 360 video recording device, VR Gorilla captured the entirety of the situation on immersive video and shared their portraits for all of the world to see. Follow in the video below, for a few minutes inside the world of Zaka, a husband, father, amputee and refuge:

If you want a look at all of the portraits made, head over to VR Gorilla and see the whole thing: The Pursuit of Happiness – Portraits of War

For those of you who are curious about just how the team went about the technical challenges related to such a trip, VR Gorilla wrote a piece about their 6-day trip to the Middle East. Read about it on their site: 6 Days in Iraq: Making ‘The Pursuit of Happiness

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