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REC Room – new patch notes were just released

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As the developers revealed in X, Rec Room, the popular virtual reality massively multiplayer online game, has just received a substantial patch update, enhancing the gameplay experience for its diverse player base. Developed by Rec Room Studio in partnership with Unity, this latest update brings a host of general improvements and bug fixes, along with exciting additions that promise to elevate the game’s quality even further.

After the initial reviews of the patch notes, the community is more than happy that some of the most annoying bugs have been fixed (as the one with the mirror, for instance).

In this article, we have selected most important changes from the upcoming patch, which will be released on Oct.25, 2023. Here there are:

General Improvements

Room Tag Update

In an effort to make room discoverability and genre categorization more efficient, Rec Room introduces an enhanced tagging system. This update aims to help players find rooms that align with their preferences and interests with ease.

New Chips

The “Vector3 Inverse” chip is now available, expanding the array of creative tools for content creators. In addition, the “Add Velocity (New)” chip is being introduced in beta. This new chip will make interactions with remote players feel more responsive and realistic, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Beta Events

Rec Room introduces several beta events for various player actions, such as Jumped, Landed, Grounded, Sprint Started, Sprint Stopped, Slide Started, and Clamber Started. These events aim to give players more ways to interact within the virtual world.

Player State Getters

The update adds several player state getters in beta, including Clambering, Crouching, Grounded, Prone, Sliding, Sprinting, and Normalized Steering Speed. These additions provide players with a deeper level of control and interaction possibilities within the game.

Player-Centric Features

Rec Room now allows players to interact with the Share Camera in new ways. The “Player Took Share Camera Photo” event outputs position and direction at which a Share Camera photo is taken, and lists of players and objects in the captured photo. Additionally, the “Player Uploaded Public Share Camera Photo” event encourages players to share their experiences with the community.

User-Generated Content Storefronts

Rooms with Hierarchical Building enabled will no longer display room currency packages from the original room in UGC storefronts. This change is designed to streamline the user experience.

Enhanced Graphics

Players on certain Android devices can expect an increase in framerate, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

User-Friendly Gift Sending

Sending gifts to other players has been improved with the selected player now being highlighted, making the gifting process more user-friendly.

Circuit and Object Boards

The configuration menu for circuit and object boards has been revised, making it easier for creators to add and manage ports efficiently. This enhancement is especially beneficial for those in Advanced Creator Mode.

Bug Fixes

The latest patch update also addresses various bug fixes, ensuring a smoother and more reliable gameplay experience. These fixes include addressing issues with scrolling, object rendering on low-end Android devices, Moods V2 elements not updating properly, and circuit connections on Quest 2.

Rec Room Studio

For content creators, the “Rec Room Studio Disable Render In Share Camera Photo” component has been added to objects that should be hidden in Share Camera photos. This feature enhances the creative control of room builders.

Additionally, running out of chip allowance in your RRStudio room is no longer an issue. The Object Board for a Studio Object can be deleted using the Object Config menu, which is accessible with the Maker Pen.

Room creators can now easily access performance data by clicking on the “link” icon next to their loaded room’s name in the Room/Scene window.

The update also includes improvements to the Memory Explorer menu, resource selection, and error display in the Console window.

To provide a more streamlined experience, assets that are not usable have been hidden in the Project window when using RecRoom Prefabs.

Lastly, a bug that caused some rooms to fail to upload and build after running a validation fix has been addressed.

With this substantial patch update, Rec Room continues to evolve as a dynamic and engaging virtual space, offering a richer and more seamless experience for both players and content creators alike. Players can look forward to enjoying these new features and improvements as they explore the diverse and interactive world of Rec Room.

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